Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kickin' It.....BUCKET STYLE?

Remember this sneak?  Well, over the weekend, the project was posted in the Scrap Freak Forum as part of the May that means I can SHARE!

I've been meaning to do a bucket list for some time now.  And a post over at Carrie's blog gave me the inspiration I needed to get my butt in gear.  Thanks Carrie!

Look at all the goodies peeking out here!  Don't you wanna reach out and touch it?

I used LOTS of Pink Ninja GOODIES in this one!  And once again.....this is my most FAVORITEST kit...Accidentally Kelly Street.  I just love the combinations of color, girly and a little tough rock girl in there!  Just like ME!

Yah, I KNOW....lots of photos...but I took em...and I have to put my time to good use and share em ALL!

I really love this mini canvas book by Maya Road which I purchased from Simply Obsessed.  I want another one to play with.  It's so cool because it has two of these wonderful canvas pockets and thick chipboard pages!

So the topic was making a bucket list and I sat for a few minutes just thinking of things I'd like to add.  I figure the canvas pockets would be perfect for momentos like ticket stubs or something....little pieces of evidence to show I completed an item on my bucket list.

I used a hot glue gun to glue all these beautiful pieces to my pages.  It really works well!

I used lots of my Etsy purchases in this book!  This book is also a tribute to my love of Etsy!!!!  Even the Pink Ninja Addicts Kit is from Etsy!

This cute little bunny is from my girl Euphoria's Etsy Shop called Random Shenanigans!  Love all her beautiful goodies in her store!

Here's a close up!  I'm gonna use some of my bunnies for an Easter layout as well!

I LOVE how I layered strips of paper on this page!  That pink piece has a velvety soft feel.....gosh I so love this book!

That lace impressed heart is also from Random Shenanigans.

And that beautifully decorated chipboard button is created by London Tierney from her Etsy Store called Such Sweet Tierney!  Show her some love and visit my Seattle friend on her blog and Etsy shop!  She's such an amazing artist.

I added lots of cute brads to the holes....makes me giggle!

Remember, if you can't read the print, click on the images and you'll get a close up of ALL my photos!  I take the time to upload them as LARGE as I can just for you all!

I know, some of them are really simple...go fishing...I have as a child but it's been soooo long that I really need to go again!

I've also left some pages blank to be filled in later as I come up with MORE things to add to my bucket list!

I love that green tulle!

He he...isn't that cloud sooooo stinkin' cute?  That's another creation by Euphoria!

Look at those cheeks!  I love all the stitching around the edges!

More of those lovely paper strips...and another Random Shenanigans item...that froggy frog is soooo adorable!


And a crochet flower from my Pink Ninja Addicts Kit to which I plopped on that cute bunny in the center and secured with some hot glue!

I love all the layers and how you can see items peeking out from behind other items!

This project was sooooo motivating and made me reflect on life and realize that I should keep my sights on some goals I have even though I tend to live life from moment to enrich it, I really need to remember to make my hopes, dreams and goals come true as well!

Have you worked on YOUR LIST?  Do you have one?  What's on it?  I would LOVE to hear!