Saturday, May 15, 2010


The other day we went to visit the Museum of Flight in Seattle.  Lemme tell you....these boys LOVED IT!
Once they figured out they couldn't touch the planes...they were okay...kinda....

Once again, my brother-in-law snapped some photos and here they are to share!

my nephew

my son

the buddies.....awwwww...

He also took some video and made THIS!
The Museum of Flight from Cham Kao on Vimeo.

My fave part is the boys running around in circles like airplanes!

Lemme tell U a cute story about how my son bullies his cousin.
Yesterday I hear some crying as I'm checking my email.
I find the little nephew crying.
My son shoved him.  Upon closer observation, I find TOOTHPASTE in my nephews hair!

Now I know why there was some wrestling and a fall....

So, I was sitting on the couch and my nephew beside me and I tell Gabe to put his hands out palms up....yup...I sure did.  But the funny thing was, after the first smack on Gabe's hand, I hear a small little whispered "Ouch!" right next to me (my cute lil nephew)...and I smacked Gabe's other hand and hear a second whispered "Ouch!"  I stifled a snicker and let them play again.


On another note!  The PINK NINJAS are having a DT call!!!!  Hurry hurry, I think the deadline is May 18th!!!!  CHECK IT OUT HERE!