Sunday, July 20, 2014

Creating a New Card using an Old Card? CAN DO!

I do this often.  I pre-make my cards and organize them into sections.  When I find one section running low, I peek into another section of cards and see if I can change them up or re-do them to create a card with a different theme or sentiment.

In my newest video, I show you how I re-do a Valentine's Card and turn it into a Birthday Card.  It's a quickie video just over 4 minutes!

Hope you enjoy!  If you've got any requests for a special type of card making or scrapbooking/crafting video, just leave a comment on either the YouTube channel or this post and I'll work on it!

Thanks so much for watching!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Remember Together - Scrapbooking Siblings in School

I'm so very excited to be getting back to joining scrapbooking challenges now that I have some time to create.  I need to tackle a lot of the digital scrapbooking projects I had planned.  My first place to look for a challenge was at Pink Reptile Designs blog since Mirjam is one of my favorite digital designers!

This is my entry for the February challenge where we are to scraplift layouts from her FB page, specifically with the Rain or Shine collab kit.  Right now you can use the 40% off discount code on her blog HERE, if you're interested!  You have until March 15 to join the February challenge!

I try to enjoy life in the moment, cherishing time with my children before they are all grown up and out of the house.  I chose to scraplift THIS layout by Sarah.  I love the clustered center of the layout as well as the use of white space.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Designing with Die-Cuts - Vellum Heart Background Tutorial

Designing with die-cuts is easier than you may think and fashioning stunning embellishments is much more cost effective than buying them pre-made. Handmade elements also add a personal touch where the love can easily be conveyed in your final masterpiece.
Die-cut hearts
Patterned paper
Solid colored card stock

Step One: Trim the sheet of vellum to the desired size. I cut this piece down to a 5”x5” square. Arrange the photo, patterned paper and the vellum piece in a design that appeals to you. Do not glue the pieces down yet.

Step Two: Arrange the hearts on the vellum sheet and glue down. I used a glue pen so I could apply the adhesive easily to the small hearts.

Step Three: When you have most of the hearts glued down, glue your photo on top of the vellum piece so that it overlaps.

Step Four: Add the rest of the hearts, overlapping them with the photo on the right hand side.

Step Five: Add the adhesive to only the areas behind the hearts. This way the glue will not show through the vellum. Glue the photo to your card stock  Add a title and embellishments to finish your scrapbook page.

For even more fabulous design ideas, tips and tricks, check out my class called Scrapbooking with Punches and Die-Cuts.