Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tour of My Craft Room

Above is the tour of my scrap room which I posted on You Tube to share. Below I have posted some photos as well and any links if you would like to know how or where to purchase items. If you have questions, feel free to contact me!

Above is the NORREBO shelving unit from IKEA. This used to live in the loft and store toys for my kids......BUT...I found another place for the toys! I didn't have to put much money into buying things for the new room...just repurposed lots of things I had around the house. I used old paint I had when I painted my daughter's room.

As you can see, I've used every inch of space! I have items stored behind the 8 1/2 x 11 plastic bins with stickers and craft supplies for the kids.....and anything that looked ugly I hid back there....cans of spray adhesive and boxes with envelopes.
I bought these big black KASSETT boxes also at IKEA. I looked at the website and it does not show the same size boxes.....but thought you might like to see the other choices anyway.

Above I have this accordion file box covered with fabric and the design is stitched/embroidered....I love it. I bought it just because it was so pretty....and ALSO ON SALE at Michaels. I'm not sure if they still have this style...but definitely something similar.

I HAD to snap a picture of this lunch tin I got from my secret sister Debbie. It was something I did with fellow SU Demos.....lots of fun.....but I got sooooooooooo lucky because I got one of the most talented ones in the group! Lucky me! When you open up this tin, there are index cards with tabs......sooooo cooooool!

Now, I decided that handcreated artwork would be PERFECT to decorate...and practice. I did some scrapbooking on canvas and made one using my son's photo and one with my daughters photo! That project was fun! I also had 2 old glass vases which were originally blue and green and white....with some swirls....didn't quite work in this room so I walked around Michaels and basically read the "how to" books on the shelf to figure out how to paint and decorate the vases I already had and bought the needed supplies and crossed my fingers. The projects turned out okay considering they were first attempts! But these photos aren't close ups so you can't see the flaws.....he he. I'll have to do a tutorial on it!!!!!

I hung extra special photos I had....and what makes it even more special is that they are taken by my brother-in-law who is a pretty good photographer:

I bought this fold up table so that I could easily tuck it in the closet when not in use. I use it for the workshops I hold in my home. I never really fold it up, though. I like the space! I plan on replacing it with one of those kitchen islands you can purchase at IKEA....eventually.

This was an old armoir I had and was about to donate...when I realized I had a perfect use for it!!!!!!! I put those childproof locks on it just in case my toddler gets in the room......he's figured out how to open doors! Oh, and I also put those door knob thingys on the outside of the door as well (since this door doesn't lock)....and it keeps my Little Monster out of my special room with all the sharp pokey things.....and lovely patterned paper!

I also re-purposed this tiered fruit tray which my thoughtful father-in-law made. I've got pieces of my family all around the place! I place most of my punches in a drawer but my most favorite (and frequently used) punches live here!

On this shelf (bought at Michael's - it's a set of 3) I keep two of my projects made in 2 of my YouTube videos. Here's a link for the shelves. I think this is the same product but I'm not's pretty much the same thing....if not the exact thing.

More Items from IKEA seen in the photo above and below:

I found these desk organizing/sorters on sale at Target. I don't think they are available anymore, but I'm sure there are other styles available!

I purchased the above display frame (if this link does not work, go to the home page at from my Creative Memories consultant Darci. I just have to say that the quality of this frame is excellent! I love it! It's a great buy as well ($52). I'm not sure on the measurements but the scrapbook page it is holding is a 12 x 12. The page is held down by magnets and it comes with mini clothespins and you can hang all kinds of stuff from the "clothesline"! There is also a smaller version available! I am going to make calendars which I will place in here eventually (another video project I'm planning).
Below I have links for each IKEA item above:
* the 2 spice racks are by GRUNDTAL (the hooks at the top of the IKEA photo can be removed)
* the cylinder spice bottles are DROPPAR spice jars.
* RAJTAN spice jars.

This is funny......this plastic drawer unit is what USED to house all my crafting supplies (only 7 years ago).....and now I've upsized to the room that you see today!!!!!! Yes, I was able to keep all the stamps, stickers, inks, and ribbon I owned in this piece of plastic!!!! I got this at Target as well.

This pantry/storage closet was also purchased from Target. It is normally $49.99 but every so often it will go on sale and I think I bought it for maybe $40.

Guess where I got these stools.....hmmmm......IKEA! Man, that place is a toystore for adults!!!!!! Whenever I step into IKEA I feel exactly the way I did when I was a child stepping in to this toy store in Hawaii called "Toyland" on the Navy Base in Pearl Harbor....what memories! I looked at the IKEA website and they don't seem to carry this exact stool...but something similar called MARIUS but it sells for about the same $5.99 per stool. I stack these in the corner and use it on workshop days or when I have lots of guests over at the dinner table.

This is kinda funny looking, but I take plastic bags I have and use them to store projects I am working on. I slide the handles right onto a hanger and hang it in the closet. Ideally I would use see through bags....but I decided I wanted to reuse the plastic bags I have.

Here is what my table looks like today (at this moment January 19th). Remember that video? Well, by the end of that SAME day, my room looked like this. What I love is I can just close the door to my room and I can pick up where I left off. Considering I have a 6 and 2 year old, I have to be ready to dart out of my craft room when I hear "I'm hungry!" or "Mommy!"....but it's usually little hands and feet pounding on my door crying about somehing. Aaah. mommyhood! As tired and exhausted I am most days....I do feel lucky to have the happiness of crafting and parenting!


  1. I found your craft room video on youtube and followed it along to ur blog. I have that exact table. I like it because its sturdy and its hard plastic finish makes it easy to wipe up spills. I planned on gettin a few more to line a whole wall for working space but for the life of me cant remember where I bought it. Ha! I guess I'll be joinin u at IKEA to find some replacements.

  2. all I can say is wow!!!! That must be such a fun inspiring place to create! So whens the next crop at your place?

  3. I LOVE your crafty space!

  4. I think I'll have to purchase that spice rack, thanks for the great tips.

  5. I went to ikea for the grundtal spice rack, but they we're sold out I went with a different rack and it turned out great. Gotta love ikea. :) thanks for sharing your space.


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