Friday, January 9, 2009

365 Photo-A-Day Challenge!

Okay, I was flipping through my Creating Keepsakes magazine and found a 365 photo challenge. You are to take at least 1 photo everyday. The intent is to scrapbook these photos, but you could also choose to put it in a blog or even email daily (or weekly)...the point is to capture moments in your life. I think it would be VERY interesting to look back on it in a year to see how I have spent my time. It's a daily diary entry! I'm all over this project. So far, I have been able to take a photo's really not as difficult as it sounds. At least I know that I've got my battery charged and a backup battery ready to go as well as a spare memory card.....and hopefully, if anything, I can't say that I missed a photo opportunity because my battery was dead or my memory card was full.

Here's some cool links:



Unfortunately the Kit of the Month by Becky Higgins is SOLD OUT...but hopefully they make more! But, if you wanna take a look at the kit there is a link to it in the Creating Keepsakes link (1st link above). Also, check out Becky's blog too....she posts some of the photos she has taken CLICK HERE for the link to this post. And there's a section where readers are sharing links to their blogs if you want more ideas.

Here are a couple of my photos:

January 3: After spending a long day at work, I came to a house which was just the way I left it!!! The kids were off at their grandparent's house for the weekend...wheeew! Wow, it was so nice being able to JUST WATCH TV....I mean REALLY WATCH. No interruptions, no whining and fighting, no "mommy" repeatly in my ear until I Very cool. I just needed 1 day of this and I was RECHARGED!


January 4: Gabe got Mr. Potato Head for Christmas from his Auntie Sherry and Uncle Tony.....and Isabel commented thet he looked like her Uncle Nan (a police officer) we lovingly called him Mr. Nan-Tato Head.