Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Imma Shoe Freak and some Random Thoughts!

Boy was I a craftin fiend this weekend.  All in my craft room playing, cutting and designing!
I ripped into my cool new Pink Ninja Addicts Kit called Thrift Shop Junkie!  The elements in it were softer than I wanted so I mixed in another kit called Sew Cute Embellishment Kit (by Scrap Freak).  I also dug up some old Graphic 45 Fashionista stuff which gave my layout the right FLAVOR!!!

The prompt at All About Me Challenge Blog is "In Her Shoes" which is hosted by the lovely Janis!  That woman is such a talent!

Here's what I got to play with to make my LO!

Look at all that wonderful vintage thrift-shoppyness goodness!

This one's the Sew Cute Embellishment Kit from Scrap Freak!....SEW FREAKIN' CUTE!
I only used the buttons and pins but thought you'd like to see the yumminess here!

So I'm a SHOE FREAK, FOR REAL!  It's another guilty pleasure of mine!  Except...I hardly ever feel guilty cuz I wear the FUNK outta my shoes!  Oh, but there's no FUNK in them, know what I mean?

Journaling reads:
"What can I say...they're my weakness!  There's NOTHING better than a kick-ass pair of shoes!"

Now THESE are my most favoritest pair of kick-ass rocker boots EVER!  I got these BAD GIRLS for myself!  Look at all those cool straps!
Luke got me these (I picked em out though)!  LOVE EM!!!!  My shoes motivate me to get outta my PJ's most mornings....cuz you'd look CRAZY wearing shoes like these with PJ's right????
And my sis Krystal picked these babies out for me!  I looooooooove them!

So there you have it....3 of my FAVE pair of shoes....right now, at least!
I kinda get sad when summer comes, cuz that means these babies have to go in hiding till the Fall!

And just when you thought it was are some Random Thoughts!
The current prompt over at the Pink Ninja's Challenge Blog is


Use a Paperclip

Pink Twist: Embroidery Floss

***  whoops, prompt is not up...maybe due to the DT call underway????...hmmm...I'm sharing anyway!

And for this one, I used some goodness from my Pink Ninja Addicts Carousel Kit!

I've said it before.  I'm a scatterbrain.  I've always got a TON of things running through my mind at the same time.  When I was younger, it was difficult for me to focus, but now I'm better at it!  I think being a Nurse trained me to use my SECRET POWER and channel it for GOOD!  Yes, I'm a super hero.

Click on the photo above to view the random saves me some time typing.  I've got to use all my available time to FIGHT EVILDOERS you know!

Don't forget to head on over to these wonderful Challenge Blogs K?  These girls give up their free time for the love of scrapping and I think they are all so awesome!  Play along if you can!!!  I've created my most bestest layouts with these challenges!

Ooooooh!  Just realized as I'm typing this up (ahead of time over the weekend), it's The Hubsters Bday today!  If you're reading this Luke, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!....yeh right...