Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What's the Steely-oh?

Oh here we are again!
Are you ready for some Pink Ninja Action?
Well, once I had some coffee in me this fine morning, I realized....
um....I forgot to do my Pink Ninja post!  Yikes!

Prompt #37 is up and it's STILO
or style...interpret how you like!

Here are the deets on what to feature in your Pink Ninja creation:

prompt: what's your stilo (style)
technique: crepe paper
pink twist: paper

So, I scrapped our Sister Stilo.  A couple summers ago my sister celebrated her birthday with a 10 Bars in 10 Hours themed "Schwarzenegger and Stallone" bar hop! It was pretty much a costume party! Each person came as a character from one of their movies! Now THAT'S some STILO for you!!!  It was a fun night! I was the Terminator, Emmy (the birthday girl) was Rambo and Krystal was Helen Tasker (Schwarzenegger's wife in True Lies)...LOL! Mom and Dad even got in on the fun (minus least they were there)!

My silly you know where I get it! Pink Ninja Addict's Kit Mommy's Little Monster was sooooo perfect....the robot...the soldier...the army print...the coolness!

And if you haven't yet, don't forget to check out my Ninja Sister's creations!  This week we got a new Ninja Friend Vicki!  Give them all some lovin!