Thursday, June 6, 2013

Paper Bag Mini-Album Tutorial

Now that school is out, you've got all those extra paper bags left over from sack lunches right? No?  Well they're super cheap so next time you're at the grocery store, scoop some up!  Time to make a mini-album with them to document the finished school year OR your summer vacation!

Watch my video tutorial on my YouTube channel to learn tips, tricks and techniques to create a fabulous mini album.  There are TWO videos.  The walk-through and the video that shows you how to glue together the pages of your mini-album!

If you watch the first video, you'll find the link to the second video.
CLICK HERE to watch the walk-through video.
or watch here:

CLICK HERE to watch the assembly video.
or watch here:

Have fun!


  1. such a cute idea!!

  2. Off to check it out!!! Looks amazing!!!

  3. come sempre...che meraviglia i tuoi lavori!!!

  4. Such a great mini! Looks like a fantastic trip. Thanks for all the awesome tips.


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