Friday, October 21, 2011

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

I haven't blogged in so long I've got a growing collection of shares for you!
And with all the SNR creations underway for numberous manufacturers, I'll have TONS more to share in due time!

Fall is in full swing and that means craziness everywhere for me - work, home, crafting...
I've got numerous things still left to do on my summer to-do list!  How has it been going for you?

Today I've got a little bit of digi, a little bit of cardmaking and a little bit of traditional scrapping for your viewing pleasure!  All projects were published in Scrapbook News and Review's July 2011 issue.  Here we go...

My sisters and I taking some girl time out at Vin De Syrah in San Diego during our California family trip earlier this year.  I love my sisters!

And here's a fun acetate card made with stickers and some intersting cuts and folds.

I adore that playing card!

And during last years family Hawaii trip, I scrapped our triple date.  More sister fun here!  But I'm sad to say that two of the three couples are now defunct :(  Hubby and I are NOT one of those couples ;)  Oh how I miss those boys.....

We are getting our costumes ready for Halloween!  And, just like every year, I'm dressing up with the kiddos as well!  This year my sister is throwing an Alice In Wonderland themed Halloween party.  And at work I've got a Wizard of Oz theme going on.  And so, I'm both Alice and Dorothy...I so wanted to be other characters but....those costumes were taken :(

If you're dressing up, what are you going to be????

Oh!  Speaking of Halloween!  A VERY SPECIAL manufacturer will be featured this weekend on the Scrapbook News and Review forum (it is down now but will be up and running this weekend for sure!  I've been creating up a storm with the product and have come up with tons of projects to share.  I won't be able to share them on the blog for quite awile, so you best get over to the forum to see all the wonderful eye candy and tutorials featured on Saturday!  You will not be disappointed!  It will be so inpiring!  I have three tutorials to share as well!  Don't forget!  Leave us some love by commenting!