Thursday, September 8, 2011


I know, I sounded more exciting than it really is! Fooled you!
But now you're here, so stay and LOOK!

Today I have two cards pubbed in Scrapbook News and Review June 2011 issue.  I can share now!

A card I made for a dear co-worker who wised up and went to a different department.
I sure miss him :)
I hand drew a woodgrain pattern on that chipboard piece and went in and added some glitter to color it in.
I love this card ;)

I had some fun with stickers on this one!  Crate Paper rocks!  I love them!
Believe it or not, my favorite part of this card are the teeny clear pebbles!  Lol! Sigh.

In recent news, the Kao Family had a wonderful week!  We tired the kiddos out with various outings that knocked them out as soon as we got back home!

We watched "Up" outdoors at a park.  Hubby had to have his gummi bears.  Too funny.

Sher, I don't know if you're reading this but...remember when he wanted to stop by the store to get a bag of gummi bears to take to the Janet Jackson concert and I was like "Um, it's not like watching a movie..."...LOL! I'm still cracking up over that!

And my smart sis brought her air mattress.  Of course, the kids left my side to sneak in between my sisters!
I love my family!

There were face painters there.  So cute!
And my girl decided on that dog from the movie...whatever his name was....

The funny thing was, it was a "dog park"...people let their kids run around do you think is hiding in the grass at a dog park??????  Doggy doo!  Ew.  I'm such a bi*ch I kept on watching to see if the kids would step in it because I know exactly where a bunch of doo was!  I know, don't worry, Karma will get me!  It's little devlish things like this that make me the not-so-sweet-as-I-seem person I really am!

Muah..ha ha ha!!!!