Tuesday, February 1, 2011

8th Stop on the Candy Shoppe Designs BLOG HOP MEME

Hello to all!

Are you looking for some fun?  Well, Candy Shoppe Designs is here to deliver!  Right now we're having a BLOG HOP MEME.  Join us for some fun, blog visiting, and a chance to win a GORGEOUS prize from The Paper Trail!.  Start HERE to start the fun!

Here are MY answers to the Blog Hop Meme questions:

1. What is your favorite or most recent Etsy purchase and who are your favorite Etsy sellers?

Oh yes, I love me some Etsy!  Most of my purchases have been from my FAVE Etsy Store The Pink Ninja Addicts!  He he.....I think I have almost all the kits, right Ally? ;)

2. What would you like to tell a teacher who has changed your life?

Shame on me...I've forgotten this teachers name...but I think of her often.  She recognized my creative mind in a short story I wrote in 10th grade about a young surfer boy who lost his father.  She encouraged me to enter it into an Art competition.  I didn't win, but just knowing that she thought it was good enough to enter really boosted my confidence.  It has influenced my life in so many ways because I realized that I had a gift.  that gift lead to more creative endeavors....which led to scrapbooking...which led me here!

3. Did you marry your first true love?
I'd like to think so.  I did not marry my first love and have had a few loves since...but none of them truer than the love I married and had my beautiful babies with.

4. FOUR random examples as to what makes me, me.
I'm a girly girl meets rock star, if you are to describe my sense of fashion and creativity.  Romantic meets Edgy.

I like to be original, but shy away from attention.  I do what makes me feel good.

I am the kind of person that knows a little about a lot of things.  I like to try new things.

My brain goes a mile a minute.  Alot of times I forget to catch people up on what I'm thinking and start a conversation where my brain left off...leaving the person I'm talking to quite confused.  I may come off as a ding bat, but actually am so intelligent that I can't even keep up with myself!

5. A story about a favorite pet:
I lovingly named a stray dog our family adopted, Betsy, after a character from a book I was reading while in 1st grade.  Betsy was the best.  I miss her dearly.

6. What are your favorite WORDS or words that you find yourself using most frequently?
Lately it's been, "I'm not your maid!  Clean up after yourself!"

7.  Is there somebody out there in this world that you once knew or still know that you never got around to sharing your true feelings to? There may be more than just 1 person out there, maybe you're the silent and shy type, maybe you won't say it because you know that they already know what you feel. Who is this person and what would you say to them if they were standing in front of you at this very moment? (LOVING words ONLY!)

Any words I have left to say are best left unsaid...because they aren't very nice things ;)

8.  Have you ever met a celebrity? If so, who? (This is my/Mo's question FYI ;)
Okay, so I never MET him, but I locked eyes with this celebrity. I didn't even know who the heck he was! I was sitting in the lobby of this restaurant in Seattle....all by my lonesome waiting for my guy buddies to finish smoking outside...and this GORGEOUS human being slowly starts sneaking into the doorway of the restaurant lobby...and peeks in. I lock eyes with him and think. "OMG, he is soooo gorgeous" and I blush. The restaurant is busy when you look through the doorway past the lobby. He turns and heads out. After a few seconds, I can't help but get up and go outside to see where he goes, deciding to see what the guys are up to, when the real excuse was to see where that exquisite masterpiece of a man walked off to. To my friends, I commented something to the effect "Where'd that hottie go. He's the most beautiful man I've ever layed eyes on." They start cracking up and totally make fun of me for not knowing who he was....it was Alex Rodriguez back when he played for the Mariners (I live in Washington).
9. Who is your celebrity crush and why?
I have a thing for #1 tall men, at least 6 feet tall (I'm 4'11") and #2 I also have a thing for bald men...and #3 If that tall bald man has a goatee, it's OVER......I am IN LOVE WITH.....


10. What's your guilty pleasure?
Shoes!  Perfume!  I got too  many of both!

Two past layouts inspired by my obsessions....

So, tell me something about YOU!  For more info on how to participate, check out the beginning of the Blog Hop Meme at Candy Shoppe Designs HERE.
Next Lollipop girl on the blog hop is Myia Manghum a.k.a. Brown Sugar!

I'm excited to hear YOUR answers!

By playing along to our BLOG HOP MEME this month and answering all of our questions you will have a chance at winning this GORGEOUS kit from The Paper Trail!

If you decide not to participate, I'd still love to hear your answers to any question(s) above!


  1. Loved this one and love the MEME....that is what my boys call me!!!!

    Something about me....hmmmmm.....I love sweet goodies...not much of a salty kind of snacker...but bring on the sugar and I am one happy camper!!!

    Love ya girlie and loved reading your post!!!!

  2. What a fun post!! I loved reading all about you. And the A-Rod story is priceless!!! :)

  3. ohhh A-Rod!!! Love it!

    Hmmm...I love me some iced coffee but not a fan of the hot stuff. LOL!

  4. so funny.....love all your answers!


    ps-my MEME posting is fixed..things got jacked up....

  5. Another great MEME, I guess I'll go with most recent. Last year at Superbowl, we sat by Jimmy Fallon and some of the characters from The Office. Oh my stars! What a HILARIOUS group of people, which made the game even more exciting {Go Steelers!!}.
    Jeannette aka Pink Sugar

  6. Loveeeeeeeeeee reading about you.... and hehehehehe... i can relate to your brain! LOL!! I love love love love love that lo! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  7. I am with you with shoes! I love shoes too!

  8. you're so cute Mo!!! I love getting to know you more! I've used that "I'm not your maid" line quite a bit recently too. But lets face it though, I really am!!

    You ARE a rock star girl!

    P.S. A Rod....drool!!!!!!!!! ;P

  9. yes ~ you do have almost alllllll of the kits ~ and i love you for it and i love seeing what you create with them!!! i loved hearing the rest of your memes, love bug!!!

  10. Great meme!..great answers..fun stories..fun hop..:)

  11. hi there, i found your blog through the hop. Is kinda interesting to read your answers to all the questions. Hope to get to know you more

  12. Love your celebrity encounter story. Going to go type mine now! :)

  13. thanks for sharing your meme's with me!

    wishing I could have met some celebrities or even one--hey but I a like to think that I am holding out to meet my fav celebs--yep thats what it is going to happen--hehe!

  14. I love your Obsession LOs! I think a mile a minute sometimes, too, and confuse others that way!

  15. love your post Mo. off to blog hopping..and am follower now.. :))

  16. I have really enjoyed reading all about you and all the other candy shoppe girls :) On to the next blog!

  17. I'm not sure I ever met a celebrity....unless Miss USA counts. I have a photo of me with her when I was about 7 and had a broken arm. Wow I live a boring life!

  18. Great post, I'm just hopping along. I also became a new follower.


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