Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Birthdays and Selfishness!

The next challenge (CHALLENGE #23)  is up at All About Me!  This one is about MEMORABLE BIRTHDAYS...scrap your best birthday memory!

The AAM gals were lucky enough to get a wonderful sticker prize pack from
SRM stickers to create!
I loved using easy.  They blend so nicely into your layout and, though I haven't done this yet...I'm sure they'll look awesome on cards!!!!

A little bit ago, I shared some photos from a hot summer day....where the kids and I celebrated Derrick's (my cousin) brithday!  That's my latest most memorable birthday ever.  It was such a great feeling seeing the smiles on their faces.  I love these kids more than anything!

FYI, the layout was created with embellishments from the Mommy's Little Monster Kit by the Pink Ninja Addicts (big fan here)...and some extra Sassafras Monstrosity stuff I had hoarded!

As you can see, I'm REALLY trying to use up my stuff!

And next to share, I've got the DT layout I created for The Pink Ninja's new prompt,

Just scrapped a fun pic of me!

Sometimes I'm selfish....
I'm selfish with my food. Sometimes, I don't even share with the kids....SERIOUSLY...they'll eat their own meal and want my food whey I finally come home from work just because they like to eat off of peoples plates! So YES....I say NO to them...sometimes!
After a hard day at work...ya JUST WANNA EAT FROM YOUR OWN PLATE without pausing to feed a little one who ALREADY ate a couple hours before you!

Ugh!  Monday night Hubby got some yummy teriyaki and I got home...pretty late...after 10 pm...and I was STARVING!  Of always...Gabe starts whining about wanting some teriyaki cuz he's "weely weely hungwee"!  I told him to go and ask his dad cuz I was already commited to eating my overdue dinner!!!!  Sigh......

Please tell me you're selfish too??????

Ha ha...I just came back from a bachelorette party in Vancouver B.C....lots a fun with girls....I'll share photos after I clear it with the persons in the photos....if not...I'll just share some Mo photos....yah yah...kinda boring...but then what else can I share??????