Sunday, August 8, 2010

They say it's your BIRTHDAY....uh....yesterday!

No, I didn't forget my sister's birthday!  I'm just doing this post a day late!
Yes, my California sister, Emmy, celebrated her birthday yesterday!
My mom and I were sad she wasn't here with us to celebrate.

I love this photo of her.

And this one!

And of course, our Ugly Sister Picture!!  He this!

She was super cute as a kid....

At a bar in Hawaii during vacation...

With my daughter, Isabel.

Sneaking in a photo of my other sis, Krys and her boyfriend.

the buddies...

With Hubby...

I opted not to go out this night....these guys decided to hang out in Waikiki...
....they thought I missed out.....but let me tell you the story...

I was settled in bed...all tucked in....about 9 pm (while on vaca in Waikiki).  Hubby let's me know these jokers have decided to go out and enjoy the night at a club or bar of some sort...maybe more than  one...
I am DEAD tired from the eventful day...AND we were scheduled to be at the dock the next morning at 9am to board a catamaran for a breakfast cruise.  I know...I KNOW...couldn't they see into the future????

Now...the Mommy in me weighed the
Then I thought....I'm seasick...and I'm sure the rest of those guys might be seasick the next morning during the cruise...thought some more...
Yeah...I was right...I soooo do not need to be going out, drinking, risking a hangover the next morning and then hurling on the catamaran....NO THANK YOU!

When hubby got back that night...he stated "You missed out!"  All drunk and stumbling into bed, shifting, throwing the covers off and then back on....opening the sliding door and going out on the balcony...2 minutes later he's back in bed...tossing and turning.  Now, by this time, I'm VERY's about 2 am or so and he's fidgeting in bed still.  I finally yell, "What's wrong with you?"  He says "It's so hot in  here!"  I yell back, "Well, if you would just QUIT fidgeting and opening the sliding door, then the air conditioning will actually have a chance to KICK IN and cool you off!  STOP OPENING THE SLIDING DOOR!"

Sigh.....drunk Hubby is VERY ANNOYING.

Anyway...I didn't want to end up saying "I told you so..."
But this was the scene the next morning on the catamaran....

Heh heh heh...I felt bad still.  I was already fighting the urge to toss my cookies nearly the whole time...imagine if I was also sporting a hangover!

Luckily she felt better later.

For her birthday, I made her a mini album.  Since she's over in California, we don't get to see her as much.
I thought she'd enjoy some photos taken this past year.

I found a photo of at age 8 and her at our matching MEMBERS ONLY JACKETS and light blue courderoys!  Ha ha ha!

At the beach in Cali.

Yes, she almost always makes a face like this.  Maybe it's a phase.

Goofy DEFINITELY runs in the family.

I think these are my fave pages....

I'm so thankful for family.


Have you started to scrap your summer photos yet????
Are you ready for school?
On my to-do list today is school supply shopping for my daughter.
Maybe I'll wait for the weekday to avoid the Wal-Mart crowd...hmmmmm.
Yeah, I'll wait!