Tuesday, August 3, 2010

MORE sponsors!

If you haven't already heard.....here are the rest of the sponsors for the AAM Anniversary celebration!  Check the blog for more updates on what's happening, when and how to win prizes and all the fun!

Now, I've always loved the next sponsor...I've been meaning to play along there but simply do not have enough time :(  I love their prompts and the kits are beautiful!

And AAM was fetured in ScrapStreet.com's magazine!  They've got an awesome blog, store, magazine.....lots of fun to be had here!

And of course, one of my FAVE Etsy stores....all amazing creations by the talented London Tierney!
You really need to check out the cool stuff she's created!

For more info on what's to come, check out AAM's post HERE!


Tomorrow is the next AAM challenge, so check me out then!