Saturday, June 12, 2010

beautiful dreamer

Are you nerdy?  I AM!  Have you tried scrapping with the Nerdy Victorious Scrapbookers?  Um....if ya haven't...YOU SHOULD!  Go see what the Envious Society is up to!  Man the DT layouts ROCK and the two other submissions so far are GORGEOUS!

Okay, so I loooove how they inspire using collages!  Check out the current collage for this challenge below:

Soooo cool, right?

Well, here's my take:

I love...I loooves it!  Here's my Cali sis, Emmy.  Yes, another Hawaii picture!  These are one of my most fave pics taken during the trip.  She so purdy!

I'm a "watcher" and I learn things from observing.  I'm good with the NOT SO obvious... yet not always good at obvious.  Know what I mean?  Anyway.  I always learn from watching other people in my life.
I learn a lot from my family and in the last few years I've learned that my sister really lives life, taking the time to experience it in many ways.  It helps to be an ADRENALINE JUNKIE too!
But what I'm saying is she is continually doing things...enjoying good food, watching sunsets, living healthy, and doing whatever is next on her daredevil list.

The journaling reads:
"You remind me that really living life takes can't be lazy and let it pass you by."

And I adapt this concept into my own life (since I'm not comfortable being a daredevil with two young monsters who depend on me).  So I take them to the park on the limited sunny days we have in Washington or go out to enjoy a train ride at our fave hangout, take a family vacation, or just have family get-togethers!

Have you taken time to enjoy life lately?  What have you done?

You have till June 30 to scrap and link up!