Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Walk In the Park

(photo in layout by C Kao Photography)

Another page that I will be giving as a gift for Mother's Day to my SIL.
I'm diving right I REALLY HOPE I finish all the scrapbooks I'm planning!

I used lots of stuff from my stash...yay!  Out with the I can MAKE WAY FOR THE NEW!!!!

This photo was perfect for the challenge at Simply Obsessed where you were to use the word "park" in your layout somehow.....

In the photo are my cutie nieces...sisters.  And to go with the photo, I found a poem
"Giggles, secrets, sometimes tears, sister and friend through the years."

Simple, short and sweet....and full of love...LIKE ME!

Random Thoughts
In My Head

I have a crush on Lee Dewyze of AI.  Something bout those eyes and that guitar and dark hair....oh, and that sexy voice.

And so happy that Andrew had a good night on AI the other night!

But Crystal still rules AI.

I can't wait to see Clash of the Titans this weekend!

I ate chocolate cake for breakfast...oh, and coffee.

My HOA sent me a letter about needing to weed but I'm scrapping today instead.  I think it's because someone's telling me what to do and I refuse to listen...until I'm ready (I dunno why I'm like this...I've always been this way.).  BAD HOMEOWNER!

I had sushi today.....YUM!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!!!!!!  What are your plans?