Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Boys

I played around with my Maya Mists (by Maya Road).....UH GAIN!  I got two of my fave shades (green and blue)!  I cut up some old pp that I was not using and arranged them in this diamond pattern to mimic a fence.  I sprayed the blue up top and the green on the bottom (sky vs. grass).  I took some old chipboard and colored them with some chalk ink (Colorbox).  The "o" is actually the scrap chipboard from my pack of chipboard gears by Maya Road.  And since I didn't have an extra "y", I just stamped it!  I like to doodle in small words like "the" or "and"....more fun!

So, this layout is one I'll be giving my sister-in-law for Mother's Day (shhhhhh...don't tell)!

So...these are her boys....and she's got a bun in the oven...so I'll have pictures of a new Moo Kao (pronounced cow...get it???) Baby in a few months!

I love white ink on black paper...POP!  

Like the fence?  So fun!

This one's a quick post.  Just got off a few day stretch....I'm am super exhausted but my guilt got me to post today!  Hoping for some sunshine tomorrow sos I can take some photos of some layouts to share and bracelets to put in the etsy store!

I am in the process of playing around with different ways to create custom beads to use in my bracelets....hmmmmmmm...the artistic wheels are always turning...now if only I had the awesome talent of GOOD FOLLOW THROUGH!  He he ha ha!

What are you up to this week?

Random thoughts...

Kate really sucked on dancing with the stars.  Sorry.

Who in the world is that dude in his parent's basement who all those women wanna be with?  I can't remember what channel that show was on...but the fool in me had to watch it to see what the real prize was!  Uh....sorry to say...it was just the okay looking dude.  Even Hubby watched because we were sooooo confused!

I hate that I wanna watch all these reality shows.

I love watching make-up tutorials on YouTube.

I love make-up....I have BOXES of it!

I looked at myself in a mirror up close today...ugh...someone hand me some tweezers...yuck!  I need to do more close up checks in the mirror!  Here I am a few hours later on the couch home from work.....eyebrows still nasty!

How do you get stubborn dry patches outta your skin?  I tried deep moisturizing...works just a couple hours and the flakey patch is back....exfoliated....still there....HELP!

I LOVE love luv LOOOOOOOVE watching the Wendy Williams Show...."How YOU doin'?"
She honestly brings a smile to my daily life! SERIOUSLY!  I feel so happy when I watch her!
 I love this amazing woman!