Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Try Smile Therapy

The next prompt at All About Me is one that will make you THINK!
Are you up for the challenge?
This challenge is called "My World From a Different Angle" and it's brought to you by the beautiful Rani!

This was tough to figure out.  I wasn't sure how I was going to approach the prompt.
I ended up with something that really speaks to me and sends a good message to family who will look at my scrapbook pages and learn about life and love.

Now, you can take that prompt any way you want to....don't worry if you aren't understanding it right...just run with it.  That's the whole see what comes from the prompt!

Oh man, this layout was too fun to make!

Look at all the goodies!  Aaaaaah!

And those buttons are from another Etsy Seller who has become one of my FAVES....London Tierney's shop Such Sweet Tierney.  This set was named "Iceberg".  I don't think there are any left, but if you ask, she may be able to custom make some for you!  But she's got a TON of stuff in the store and I'm SURE you'll stumble across something you'll love.

If the pic looks blurry, IT IS!  I used to edit the photo!  LOVED IT!  It focused the center of the photo and blurred the rest.  I loved the effect!

And I was surfing if you can't tell.  I have no recollection as to why I ended up on the table...but there you have it.....goofy goofy goofy!

Here's the journaling:
"Smile Therapy works!  It lifts you up, helps you forget.  It cushions the fall and creates positivity.  I use it in life and work and it's served me well.  Have fun...don't take everything too seriously or life will pass you by."

In the photo I was OBVIOUSLY being goofy and having fun.  This photo was actually taken during Nursing School....definitely a serious time of my life...but as you see....I still managed to have fun!

I find that smiles help A LOT in my line of work.  I am blessed with much charm..heh heh..and the combination works well to calm down upset people, angry patients, anxious and sick people, and irritated docs and co-workers.

Look at my embelly goodies from my kit!
And I glue on all that action with a hot glue gun.  That's the ONLY way I've gotten things to adhere and STAY!

So you will have 2 weeks to play along!  Have fun with us over at AAM and scrap about yourself so you can tell the story of YOU!