Thursday, April 22, 2010

EDITED TO INCLUDE**AAM Blog Hop Winner**Playing with Angels

Prompt: Dream a little

Technique: no pattern paper!

pink twist: buttons

I love this picture of my BOYS!  Nope, that's not Luke's baby pic, that's my lil Gabriel smiling in his sleep....he must have been playing with angels!  LOL, I can't believe how much they look alike!!!  Love this page!!!!

So, instead of patterned paper, I took the fabric and ribbon from my Pink Ninja Addicts Kit (called Accidentally Kelly Street) and used that for some added interest!  The kit also comes with that extraordinary fabric/felt buttonlike cute!

And I added some Etsy goodness to this by using some cute epoxy chipboard buttons from Such Sweet Tierney....loooooooooove that store!

Ready for some enabling????  There is a SALE going on at Such Sweet Tierney...till April 30th!  So, if you've been thinking bout snagging some goodies from there (since I always seem to yammer on about London's beautiful embellies) it.....DO IT NOW!!!!

And lastly, I'll be working on drawing the winner of the blog hop goodies!  Remember....there will be two winners!  One win's the RAK and one win's the bracelet!!!!  If I get a chance, I'll do it today and add to this post....but if not, I will likely post the winner tomorrow!!!

So, be sure to check out the prompt over at the Pink Ninjas and also the cool prompt over at AAM (What's your angle?) and get some scrapping done!!!

Without further delay, here are the winners of the All About Me Blog Hop!

First up is the RAK winner.....

I simply took all the comments and numbered them and chose via and got.....

who ended up being.....

23 Terry Oulboub said...
I love your layout as it tells your story on hoarding and I can't blame you because I can't see it as a flaw because I have something similar in that I can't let go...especially crafting supplies. I'd love to have my own room as I am growing out of my space. Recently, I did purge. It was awful - throwing away paper scraps. But I had to. I need to be more organized to scrap more efficiently! I hoard and I'm OCD; so it keeps it all organized (doesn't always help my flaw, but hey...). Love that layout telling your story! ;D

APRIL 9, 2010 3:39 PM

Congrats Terry!  Email me your addy and I'll send that honkin' box right out to ya!!!!

We have the winner of a bracelet (or other goodie item from my Etsy Shop).......

I looked at all the commenters who were also fans on my FB page and them numbered those comments...then used to draw the winner!
And the winner of the bracelent drawing is.....

5 JessiW said...
A great layout, MO!!!! And seriously, lately I have become less and less of a pack rat. I've been all about simplifying and throwing out what I don't need. So my tip is just go for it. Look at it, and say "Will I really use this anytime soon?" and if the answer is no, get rid of it. I just donated a ton of old scrapbooking supplies to Big Brother/Big Sister. A friend of the family works there, so I asked her if they could use it and she said the kids without a big brother/sister do arts and crafts so she was happy!!! Hope you get it all under control:) Love ya girlie!!! Jess

APRIL 7, 2010 7:27 PM

Congrats Jess...I can't believe you won another giveaway from me....he he!  I have your addy...just pick something from my Etsy and I'll send it right out to ya!  FYI, I'm uploading a few more bracelets to it...he he...I've been slacking!

Now, if you ladies decide that you don't WANT the RAK or bracelet...definitely let me know and I won't take the topic of discussion was being a Pack Rat and purging!!!  He he!  Just shoot me an email and I'll draw again....don't worry, I'll try to contact you if I end up drawing again!

Phew....I've had a busy week and it's going to get even BUSIER!!!  Eeeeekkkk!

I'm sure I'll feel like this by the end of Tuesday next week:

Isn't that the CUTEST PHOTO????  I'm not sure where I got it...probably from some chain email...I don't know this least, I don't think so!  He he...soo cute!!!  Hoped you liked it!!!

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