Monday, March 22, 2010

Live the Life You Love

Remember that mask I used for yesterday's layout????  Well, here it is in another layout.  The reverse is actually the "right" side but it's hot pink and I wanted this green color.

Here's another layout I created for the Simply Obsessed Mini Crop (using at least 3 different flowers) and the
True xoxOGirls challenge blog.  I chose to lift the "Simply Me" layout by Joana Panesa.

This one's for my Mom's scrapbook for Mother's Day.  I'm knocking down quite a few layouts for the
12 x 12 scrapbooks I'm making for some of the best Mommies in my life.

Once again, this layout is FULL OF SCRAPS!  He he....I'm trying REAL HARD to clear out my stash!

My mother has always told me to enjoy life: take vacations, spend some life.

We're planning a vacation to first I was resistant because Gabe is only 3...and I'm DREADING the plane ride!  So, I hope to get him nice and sleep-deprived so he can spend the plane ride knocked out!  We'll see.

Anybody got any tips?  I would love to hear them!

Oh!  And All About Me is going to have a BLOG HOP...and I will be giving some stuff away!!!  Wooohooo!  It's around the first week of April, so STAY TUNED!  I'll give you more deets later!

I'll be at work today....YUCKY MONDAY.  Join me in wishing for a decent day WITHOUT any stressful super sick people walking A WALK IN CLINIC (ie: "heart attacks, strokes, I feel like I'm going to die type people")....I would just love to see Walk-In type people...because I work in a Walk-In Clinic....NOT AN EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT....colds, flu, broken fingers/feet or arm, rash...I'll even take dehydrated folks that can't keep anything down.  Vent...vent...I can vent all day...but now I'll shut up because I'm almost POSITIVE I'll be cursing under my breath while I'm at work....sigh.  Wish me luck...I'll need it!