Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Best Place on Earth is With the Ones You Love!

(click on the image to see a super duper close-up)

Here's a layout I created during a crop at Simply Obsessed.  I also used the December Kit which is sooooo cute!  I made a total of 7 layouts AND I got a prize!  I love crops!  This layout was actually a lift challenge.  The girls did an awesome job of coming up with challenges for that SWAK crop! 

And my favorite part of this layout is stamping those swirls on both sides and then going back and adding some Liquid Pearls in Platinum (Ranger) for some cheap bling!

I used some photos from New Years Eve...a fun evening with the family and kids!

So, I loooooove fruity drinks!  And I looooooove sweet white dessert wine....and so I also like sweet champagne.  Anyway, if you like sweet drinks, try mixing champagne and Passion Fruit juice (by Welch's)...yummmmm!  Cheap champagne is just fine!  I like Cook's Spumante (but this might be too sweet for some of you mixed with that passion fruit juice)!  For a yummy non-alcoholic drink, mix the juice with seltzer water or any carbonated water....yummy!  

I dunno why I got off on that tangent but drink recipes are pretty much the only recipe's you'll probably ever get from me!!!!!!  

Okay, cute picture here!  My cousin "D" left his glasses at my house.  And, of course Luke (Hubby) HAD to put them on Gabe...and them MOMMY had to take a picture!  Gabe was NOT very amused!  Can you see the rug burn on his chin?  Yep, I have no idea how it happened but one day I noticed it.  Being 3, he jumps....thus FALLS A LOT....and I'm sure this is a result of one of his stunts!  Sooo cute!

I remember when Isabel was learning to walk (about 9 months), she did a face plant on the carpet and had rug burn on her nose!  LOL!  Of course, I HAD to take pics...but I can't remember where they're saved to!  When I find them, I'll share!

This'll be a short one.  I'm feeling slightly under-the-weather....fighting a cold.  It's all in my chest and I can't stop coughing....ick.  I hope the babies don't get sick.

Oh, and I'm afraid I've hit that road block...ya know, when the MoJo runs out....oh man.  Help!  What do you do to get outta that funk?

What are your plans for the weekend?  I've got to renew my ACLS skillz....Advanced Cardiac Life's gonna be sooooooo loooooong!  Ugh!

Thanks for visiting!  Love you all!