Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dropped in a puddle....

The NEW PROMPT is up over at the Pink Ninja's!  And......Hydrangea Hippo is the sponsor!  (Yes!  You can win some free goodies with this one!)  And even if you don't win, Ninja players can use a coupon code for free shipping!  Check out the link to the store and all the DT creations (which are absolutely amazing)!  Here are some details on the prompt!

Prompt: Priceless (however you interpret that)
Technique: Distress  (get all that frustration out!...he he)
Pink Twist: pink paint (of course we throw in pink!)

hop to it!  check out the hippo!


I like how this layout looks like I dropped it in a puddle of motor oil!!!!! LOL!
I played with some acrylic paint, chipboard, walnut stain, distressed stickles and crackle paint!!!!  It's not my norm and I like it!

You know how I did that doodling around my eyes???  (See the current header).  So, I was inspired by make-up on this one!  I've shared THIS VIDEO before on how to create that fun look.  Well, I've used that doodling on several layouts now.  I used the black doodle border around my photos and then layered some Rock Candy Distressed Stickles on top of it.  I know, can't see on the photo and you'll get that super close up of the layout.  Basically, you take a black pen (journaling pens work better than markers because of the bolder black color they render).  You create swirls but instead of lines, you make dots.  Easy peasy!  

Here's a cute photo of my boy who is GROWING SO FAST!  He's three.  And he doesn't wear glasses.  My cousin left them behind and Luke put them on Gabe and we HAD to take a picture.  SOMEONE didn't like the idea.....I love that grumpy face!

And I've been introduced to and here is a photo I played with.

This is Gabe's "puppy".  It used to be Isabel's and he adopted it.  He's getting all frayed at the edges and his hair is a little matted...he he...but Gabe loves Puppy just the same!  Sometimes in the middle of the night...out of nowhere...he'll look for Puppy in a panic and...OF COURSE...Gabe can't remember where he last left Puppy....ugh....

Check out the Pink Ninjas and play along and maybe you can win some goodies!!!  We want more players!!!

I'm feeling better so WATCH OUT!  Maybe I'll be in the creating mood!!!  PLUS I have 9 DAYS OFF!  It's  a mini vaca!!!  Wahooooo!