Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Favorite Friend

Remember this layout????  It was actually my DT layout for the NEW All About Me Challenge up TODAY about YOUR PERSONALITY!  I took a personality test and found that I'm an ISFP (Introverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving) kind of person.  For the most part, it was right.  I took all the descriptions and wrote them in my circle journaling box (BTW, this is a past Sketchy Thursdays sketch....sooo cool)!
I was soooo excited to share the layout...that I shared before the prompt was up at AAM!  So, if you want the deets on the journaling or any close ups (or just click on the photo above) or further Mo babble GO HERE to the previous post.

And remember this layout?

You can vote for ME on the NVS bloggy for February......if you likey.  The poll is on the sidebar!

And a catch up share....

I'm not sure if you're a challenge blog FREAK like I am....but like I've been saying....I hit a stretch of consecutive work days and when that happens...I'm hoplessly lost!  February proved to be ANOTHER month of MANY MANY layouts....and I FORGOT TO LINK UP LIKE THREE OF EM...ha ha!  Oh well.  It was nice to get inspiration and get some layouts outta the way!

So, to my TAAFOMFT ladies..I've missed more than one challenge where I forgot to link the last one!    But that's okay cuz I won at STP with that same layout!  He he!

BUT!  I have one to share today and the NEW prompt at TAAFOMFT is Favorite Friends!  Ha ha....and since I haven't shared my Pink Ninja's layout just happens to be for a VERY similar prompt!

Prompt: My Favorite Things
Technique: retro, vintage, pre 90's
Pink Twist: fabric

Yes, my Mommy is one of my favorite friends.  We're 19 years apart and she looks more like my older sis.  She's so cute!

Oh!  Our Current Pink Ninjas Sponsor is Hydrangea Hippo.....yes...too cute!  Check out the post on Pink Ninja's for details on this shop and a link to the Etsy shop...because there's a coupon code you'll want for free shipping!!!  ALSO....IF YOU PLAY WITH US, THEN YOU MIGHT WIN SOME GOODIES FROM THE STORE :)

We're posed kinda funny, but Mom got me that watch I'm wearing after I went CRAZY over the gold one she bought herself.  So, for my birthday a few years ago, she bought one FOR ME!

I used the faux metal technique to make that gold piece from scrap paper.  That cute stamp is from Hero Arts and I used an opaque white pen to journal on the swirls. 

Speaking of favorite friends.

We went to one of the lakes nearby with my BIL and took some photos.  He wanted to play around with a new flash he got.  It was near dusk by the time we got to the lake.  This is my fave photo that day!  Gabe is such a goofball!  Do you think it's because of his Daddy or Mommy???????

And  here is my adorable cousin cutie D!   I just wanna pinch his cheeks!

My girl is just looking too grown up these days!  She's DEFINITELY lost her baby body.....pot belly, super big head, chubby thighs, short legs.....she's longer and leaner now.  I don't think I'm even a head taller than she is.  In a couple years she'll be looking DOWN AT ME!


This one is cute too.  Isabel and D are pretty close...they're always stuck to each other....talking, laughing, and playing.  I love how she's peeking from behind him!  And there's my adorable baby cousin T (who just celebrated his 4th birthday)!

Another great photo of me and my babies!

And here's grown, so smart, so sweet....I adore him.

Looking like sisters here...he he!

And my BIL Cham and lil Samual!

Photo of Samual my BIL took somewhere recently.

I love this one of the both of them.

And the Kao cousins....stinkin cute babies I tell you!!!!!!

This is how T smiles.....ALL THE TIME when he poses for a picture...too cute!

Well, hope you enjoyed the photos my friends!  I gots to take a photo of another layout I forgot to post and link up at another blog......will do that and post tomorrow!

So, did I make up for the blog and bloggy friend neglect???????????  Said in Chandler (Friends) fashion...."Can this post BE any longer????????????????"

Until then......see you in blog land!  Thanks for making a stop here!