Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Year I was born (19sumthinsunthin6)

If you haven't peeked over at AAM (Challenge #12) "The Year I Was Born" for the last prompt YOU SHOULD!  This was soooooo funnnnnn!  Just scrap about the year you were born!  SHARE IF YOU DARE!  I learned a few things about what happened in 1976!  If you click on the photo of my layout above, it'll give you a SUPER DOOOPER close up!  And I am TOO LAZY to type up all that shtuff in this post!  Or let's just call it efficiency!  :)

And...AnD........AND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I'm channeling the lovely Julie right now)...side note...Does she talk like that IRL???????  curious!  I'm sure I'd love her either way!!!!!  Cuz I love her already!  He heeees!  Guess what??????

I just realized I WON THE LAST STP CHALLENGE for THIS layout (yeah, the last post that's been hanging out on the blog for like....A WEEK!  Sorry, been SOOOOO FLIPPIN' BUSY!  Just got off a stretch of a few work days....rough stuff!  I think I get to GDT for Challenge 12 (like...the next challenge)!  I sooooo love STP and am sooooo happy my layout was chosen!!!  Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of STP, the new poem is up......Haven't seen it yet????  Think....famous Doctors.......

Play along with two of my fave places to play!  March is here!  I love March for special reasons...he he...hmmmmmmm

Shout out to my Pisces Girls!  Question, if you are a Pisces, are you scared of water?????  How bout fish, do you like fish?  Cuz I am FREAKED out when I'm in the ocean....whenever I can't see into the water and see what's around me or under me....ick!  I also don't really eat a lot of fish (tho I LOVE crab, lobster, shrimp, scallops) but if a piece of fish tastes FISHY.....I start to gag!  So, I don't get a good dose of my Omega 3s...cuz I don't DO FISH!  Weird.......

Thanks for visiting me!!!!  I've LOTS of layouts to share...COME BACK TOMORROW!