Tuesday, February 23, 2010

License to Kiss

Remember how I was talking ON THIS POST about bummin' that I didn't have tickets to see the new Teatro Zinzanni show for Valentine's Day?  Well, a couple days after my blog post, I was contacted by the box office who had some seats open up to the sold out show!  I scooped those tickets up quick...well, Hubbs did cuz I was on a ski trip!  I was ecstatic!

So, Tim, if you happen to read this, Thank You soooooo very much!  It really made our Valentine's Day extra special to go to the show!  We both enjoyed it tremendously...especially the "Vertical Tango" (that's our favorite part).  Thanks you thank you thank you!!!!!!

Lemme tell y'all it was amazing!  The food was yummy, the cast was so talented, and the people we met there were fun and spirited!  They also have another Teatro Zinzanni in San Francisco!  Well, I will just have to see if I can fit that in to my trip to California later this year!

The show is called "License to Kiss" and it goes till April here in Seattle.  Then, they change the show.  I will soooo have to see the new one!  My parents would enjoy it, I just know it!  Maybe we'll go for our Anniversary (which is around the same time as my parents').  There is also a brunch show on Sundays which I really wanna catch!

So here's the photo we took.

Gee, am I THAT much shorter than Hubby?  Man, I'm wearing heels too!
And here I am taking photos to remember my fun hair and make-up!  Hah hah!

Once again I did some doodling on my face.  And added some bling!  This nice man and his date complimented me on the bling...and asked where I got it.  And I fessed up and said it was scrapbooking gems!!!  LOL!  Yes, it worked!  It stayed all night but I was very careful not to touch it.  I think that if I had some eyelash adhesive or any skin adhesive it would have been way more secure.  I even contemplated on using some glue dots on my face!

Thank you to Victoria's Secret for these wonderful "dinners"!  (he he)  The last time I had real dinners, I just had Gabe...and then...they REALLY were dinners (as well as breakfast, snack and lunch)!!!!!!!  CLICK HERE for the DL on the "dinners" term revived by Beth Perry and her Mom!  Plus you can see the cool mini she made!

I LOVE playing with make-up.  Maybe that's why I enjoy Halloween.  I can count on my fingers the amount of times I HAVE NOT had a costume on Halloween!  Anyway, I got this idea from this wonderful You Tube channel BY Kandee Johnson.  She is so sweet and inspiring and FUN!  This look was inspired by Rihanna.

Oh!  I also learned how to do that masky looking doodling on my face from her channel.  Peep it HERE!  Now that video has inspired some scrapping technique which I'll share on another post!  It's amazing where you can draw inspiration from!

Sorry if this is a long post, I just have so much to share!  I scrapped the photo of us using the prompt over at Scrap That Poetry since the current poem is another love poem in honor of Valentine's Day!  PERFECT!  The poem is called "Freedom and Love" by Thomas Campbell.

Here's the part which inspired me:
Love's a fire that needs renewal
Of fresh beauty for its fuel:
Love's wing moults when caged and captured,
Only free, he soars enraptured.
Can you keep the bee from ranging
Or the ringdove's neck from changing?
No! nor fetter'd Love from dying
In the knot there's no untying.

So here we are working on renewing our love.  I'd like to fall in love with my husband again...and again...and again...

AND!  This is also my newest favorite memory and I DON'T want to forget it so I scrapped it REAL FAST!  And also, I would be able to submit it for the TAAFOMFT prompt, Favorite Memories.  Heh heh!

I used some goodies from Pink Paislee which I purchased from Scrap Freak.  I've said it before, the forum is soooo amazing and inspiring!  Those ladies work so hard to give us good ideas and challenges FOR FREE.  Thrifty Thursdays are a good thing to check out.  The last one I shopped, I got Maya Road Mists for 30% off!  In April, they will debut embellishment kits which I am soooo excited for!  I don't know about you, but I buy kits mostly for the embellishments rather than the papers!  So, this should work quite nicely for me!  The store inventory is always 10% off  and shipping free when you purchase $60.  I think they will be getting rid of SOME of the inventory, so you should scope out the clearance items from 50-80% off I believe!  DO THE MATH...good prices!

Phew, I think I'm done!  On to more scrapping!  Thanks for visiting!  I hope to make my blog visiting rounds today and tomorrow!!!!


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