Thursday, February 4, 2010

To My Valentine

I love the new poem up at Scrap That Poetry!  It's called "Ah, Yes! Love" by Clarence B. Campbell.
Again, I broke into my Vintage Plum Stash!
What a beautiful kit!

Sorry for the glare in this photo but I am not going to take another photo just to have one without the glare...I figured you ladies wouldn't mind.

The journaling reads (it's part of the poem):
"Ah, yes! Love

The transparency I used is to blame for all that glare (which I was able to correct pretty well with my Photoshop Elements).  I figure out how to do some cool things by trial and error while working on this layout.  I put on some of this ink, intending to color the inside of this heart a beautiful blue.  But I found out that it would NOT dry onto the transparency (duh)!  Luckily, as I placed my elbow over that area and discovered it was wet, I DID NOT smear it all over my beautiful page!!!  I then placed another transparency over it to blot it and got this cool look. seal it....I added some of that clear-drying glue/craft laquer (Stampin' Up! calls it Crystal Effects) but they do sell another brand at Michaels.

I used lots of Liquid Pearls and Stickles for all that added zing!  I had another photo that wouldn't upload...but you get the idea of how they look, right?  If not, I'm sure if you click on the full layout you get a big gigantic photo.  For a supply list check HERE.

Well, that's it!  I'm loving this layout!  I think I'll frame it and give it to Luke for Valentines...along with something else he might like such as golf-related stuff.

Hope your week has been great!  Thanks for visiting!  What are you doing this weekend?  I'm skiing on a GIRLS ONLY trip!  Woohooo!


Is bubbles and beauty and lantern light,
Music and madness and dizzy height,
Tender words,
And a star-filled night!"

This verse went PERFECTLY with my photo taken around Valentine's Day one year (Hubby and I argue if it's 2005 or 2006..I think he's right but I didn't tell him that...wink wink).  So contrary to what I thought, this was taken in '06 NOT '05.  Anyway, my POINT IS....we saw this dinner show at a place in Seattle called "Teatro Zinzanni" where you have dinner while they perform all around you.  There's music, singing, acting, comedy, lots of costumes and make-up, and even acrobats!  Oh, it is sooooooo amazing! Oh!  AND FACE PAINTING! (See how it talks about that in the poem????)  I hoped to go this year, but Hubs was too late on booking the tickets (ahem....Mo was actually too late in reminding him)!

 Side note...I've figured that I have to help romance along by sending links to what I want for special occasions and telling him what I want for Anniversaries and Valentines Day...etc.  I started last Christmas and have been VERY VERY VERY HAPPY.  I didn't think I could be... at first...because my gifts would not be HIS idea but MINE.  Then, I realized IT DOESN'T MATTER TO ME...cuz I get what I want and I'm not moping around when other people talk about what THEY got!  Sorry, it's not the thought that counts with him...because when he's stressed...he doesn't think clearly...he he!  Examples (clothes purchased online that don't fit...not even close (SMALL UNISEX is NOT SMALL!!!), ANOTHER gift certificate to a place for which he's already given me 3 previous ones, a framed piece of artwork that SUCKED (not my style at all...and he payed WAY TOO MUCH for it), and the most INFAMOUS present....BIG FAT NOTHING...not even a card...or flowers).  Yep, I remember stomping upstairs that day after yelling and slamming the door behind me.  It was not a good year for us that year.  Sigh.

So we will be celebrating our 8 year anniversary this took me THAT figure out I needed to SPELL OUT WHAT I WANT!  It's a win-win situation!  With those I love, I'm not great at compromise....I want what I want...yes, I know I'm spoiled....I'm a brat.  But they never tell me...that's why when I realized this a few years a go...I shocked myself...heh heh!  More on that another time.  I stumbled across some cool techniques while working on this layout!