Thursday, February 11, 2010


Okay, I've stumbled across another challenge blog...yesssss!!!!  This one's pretty cool!  Um...and Ninja Master Ally is there too! wonder I think it's so super cool!  It's the Nerdy Victorious Scrapbookers....he he...cute, I know!  What I love is they do these freaking cool collages (you have GOT to check it out) and you draw inspiration from them whether it be in the design or colors or....whatever!  I'm loving that concept!  This is for their SECOND challenge, so hop on over and play along.

I also am taking part in the Swak Crop over at Simply Obsessed and I'm having a great time!  There are games and challenges so play along and get some scrapping done!  I created this layout using Challenge #1 where you are to pick from several conversation heart sayings.  I picked Soulmate.

And one of my soulmates is my dd Isabel.  She amazes me.  Here is the journaling:

 "My baby girl, my soulmate, my love and my life. You are the best of me and my weaknesses are your strengths. You're amazing!"

In the photos we are singing some songs from the Mama Mia soundtrack...which we love...he he!  I used a stinkload of stickles!!!!!  At the rate I'm going, Hubs is going to have to buy me another boxload of ink, stickles, and paint!  I've been dusting off a bunch of my stamps...I've neglected them for so long....I even felt so bad..for awhile there, I removed my "stamping with mo" title from the banner...ah hah!  Now it's back...the title I mean...oh...and the stamping!

Hope you enjoyed my share!