Friday, February 12, 2010

lil bitty mini book

Just a quick share today!  This is a mini book I sent to my sister for Valentine's Day!  It's a premade mini book and it's so cute!  It was so fun to make.  Here are some photos.  Sorry if it's dim.  The light here in Washington is nearly non-existent!

This album is perfect for wallet sized photos!  I used one of those k i memories kits that I got from JoAnn.  I made Krystal one as well but will have to share another day.  I figured I'd take better photos on a brighter day.

What are your plans for the weekend?  I'm going skiing AGAIN on Saturday!  I got a great deal so I spent $40 on two more days which includes lift tickets and the rental (plus's been a long long time....heh heh)!  It should be pretty fun!  I'm heading up with my Aunt.  Have a wonderful weekend!!!  Thanks for visiting!!!