Saturday, February 13, 2010

photos in the snow

Nope, no snow here in Bothell, but we did go skiing a few weeks ago!  I am skiing again today and hopefully will have photos for you!!!  This photo share is extremely overdue!

When we went tubing....

I don't know what this fellow was crying about, but we had to take a photo!

Here's the GIRLS ONLY ski trip last weekend!  Me and my Aunts.

Mommy and Me!

I don't know how many dang times I fell, but this is the little baby hill I went down!

My Aunt J (the mommy of my cutie patootie cousins).  She's the one I'm going skiing again with today!

Wish me luck on the mountain!  No bruises, no injuries cuz I gotta look FOINE when I go out to din din tommorrow for Valentine's Day!