Tuesday, February 16, 2010

14 Things I {heart} About You

Once again, I HAD to play with a Sketchy Thursdays Sketch, this one is the 2/11 sketch!  Loving this one!  I broke open my Pink Ninja Addicts Kit called Mommy's Little Monster!  They also have a Pink Ninja Addicts Blog showing lots of projects they've used with the Pink Ninja Addicts Kit.  Check out the Ninja Masters (Ally and Nely) and the Ninja Stars (Gloria and Carrie) in action!

I've got a 5 day stretch off again and I can't WAIT to play in my scrap room!  

I was also inspired by the S.W.A.K. crop that was going on at Simply Obsessed last week.  One was to scrap "14 Things I Love About You" (14, in honor of Valentine's Day).  I was able to complete 7 challenges, so was very pleased!

Gabe is such a character.  I can't believe how opinionated and charming this kid is at 3.  Though it may be a difficult age, it's sure an interesting one.  He's got opinions about his clothing.  He thinks hats look "silly" (pronounced SEE-lee...especially the ones with the ear flaps which are my FAVORITE)...but unfortunately for him, I MAKE HIM WEAR THEM cuz he looks so darn cute in them!  Bad, I know!  AND he's a definite shoe freak....AT THREE!

Recently I decided to interview him, just to see if he could answer questions about himself (and so I could scrap the answers).  I even had a pen and paper in hand to jot them down!  He had answers to all my questions and he didn't have to think of them.

1) What's your favorite color?

2) What's your favorite toy?
Fi-yo Twuck (Fire Truck) and Police Man, choo choo chain and bubble wrap
(yes, he LOVES to play with bubble wrap...snap snap snapping away!)

3) What's your favorite food?
Scooby-Doo Candy (fruit snacks), orange, dum-dums

4) What's your favorite shoes?
Nike Shoes

5) What's your favorite stuffed animal?
Doggie (aka Puppy...this beat up ol stuffed dog he drags around).

6) What's your favorite cartoon?
Caillou and Noddy

I scrapped this picture because it cracks me up!  It's a little blurry which really irritates me, but at least we have it!  I love how he and Barney look so similar in it!  My sister Krystal pointed it out one day and I was rollin!!!!

And I remember sending him to my MIL's house and asked her to cut his hair...and he came back looking like "Lloyd" from Dumb and Dumber (remember Jim Carey's hair?)!  I was laughing so hard!  We called him Lloyd for awhile.....we're so baaaaaad!

There's still time to link up today to play along!
How was your weekend?  I had an AWESOME TIME and I'll have to scan my pic to share it!  I'll tell you all about my evening on Valentine's Day!