Sunday, February 21, 2010

Game Over!

OF COURSE, I had to play with the Sketchy Thursdays 2/18/10 Sketch!  You should play along if you haven't yet!  I dunno what the prize is this week...I hardly ever do.  It's just too much fun to play with the sketches!

I also, for the first time, played over at Candy Shoppe Designs for this one and it's called the "Recipe for Love" Challenge! fun FUN!  I love scrap recipes too!  Dunno what the prize is there either...if there is one....

Remember these Gabe photos?
I loved that I cut the photos out with my circle cutter...something I HARDLY ever utilize!

I've done some Etsy shopping!!!!  See that super-dee-duper cute pink heart with the lace impression?  Gorgeousness!  It was created by Beautiful Jessica/Euphoria and I bought it from her TOO CUTE Etsy Shop called Random Shenanigans!  I'll show you the rest of the goodies at the end of this post!

I LOVE the title on this one!  Ha ha!  GAME OVER!  I like to say that phrase or "Knocked Out!" when I turn around and "The Boy" is sleeping.  It's soooo cute!

The journaling reads "i LOVE my Gabriel, don't get me wrong...but some days, i like him better like this!"

Need I say more?

Look at that adorable Kool Aid mustache!  It's so cute cuz his lips poke out just a little when he sleeps.
He's got such a cute "sleeping face"...mine....NOT SO CUTE...sometimes my eyes are half open!!!  LOL!  Scary!  I bet you didn't know that! (This is an embarassing secret I don't really tell...FEEL PRIVILEGED!)

(For a supply list for this layout, check MY GALLERY.)

Okay!  Here are the Random Shenanigans!......

I can't wait to play with these babies!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE frogs....not real ones...those GROSS ME OUT!  Kinda like, I like real bananas...but not the candy bananas...oh, that's not really the same...and kinda dirty if you have a dirty mind.....NEVER MIND! (Okay, I'm leaving this stupid sentence in here cuz it's dang funny.)

sigh...on to more Random Shenanigans...look at these stars!!!  Uh--dore--uh--ble!!!

And I can't bear to use these...but they're sooo cool!  I think I'll use one for a mini book...hmmmm!

I've got more goodies in the mail from a couple Etsy folk!  I will share as they come in!  I can't wait to create with the embellishments that are on their way to'll see.....

Fun huh?  Okay, I've got a TON of things to share so I better get going on my post preparations!  What are you up to this week?