Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You Complete Me....and some Silly Girls

OMG Beth P!  I was truckin' around with my fun outfit with the hat and my cool shirt, skinny jeans and these cool biker boots.....feeling oh so fresh....
I check the mail and what do I find?????
The necklace I custom ordered from my talented buddy Beth!
My dear, it was WORTH THE WAIT!
And soooooo perfect for me!  I love the colors!!!  And look how it matches perfectly with the outfit I wore today!  AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!  Thanks for the touches of turquoise!  Me loves!!!!

And here's another shot of Moi wearing my TOO-COOL-FOR-YOU necklace!  He he!  I LOVE the pearls!  I love how it's soft and girly and sooooo ME and I've got these biker boots on and I love the girly with the badness!  You're necklace sooooooooooo completed me today!  Ha ha!

Thanks my dear!  I sooooo love it!
If you are lovin' Beth P's stuff, or haven't peeked at it yet, go check out her Etsy:
and her blog
BTW....can you see my dirty laundry in the second photo??????  Ha ha!

I've also got some more craftiness to share!
So I got 2 of  the Pink Ninja Addicts Kits and I'm having so much fun with them!
The one I used below is the Three Little Birds Kit!

Except for the light blue cardstock, the Pink Paislee alphas and the MoMoStamper vintage die cut top note piece, and the CC die cut sticker, all the other elements are from the PNA Kit!

I used a sketch at Sketchy Thursdays for this layout and I love that freaking sketch!!!  I also created this wrap around title for one of the JSYS challenge at Scrap Freak!  If you need some help to Jump Start Your Scrapping (JSYS), head on over to Scrap Freak cuz the've got one for every day in January!

The photo is of Isabel and her cousin "Princess P".  These two girls are so girly and they love each other so!
Bel really loves playing with Princess P cuz she loves having "girl playtime".  I'm sure she craves it because on a day to day basis, all she has are boys to play with....Gabe and my 3 cousins ("Sweet T, Dimples, and J").

So when they see each other...they have tons of girly silly fun!!!!

Man, I'm on a bloggy roll this week!  I can't believe I've done so many posts!  He he!
Oooooooh!  I just figured out the topic of my next Pink Ninja DT layout I need to do!!!   Hmmmmmmm.
Maybe I can give you sneaks of the layout I did for the NEXT prompt!

Oh yes!  Please do visit us and try to play along with the current prompt!  You have a week left!!!!
Black and White Photo
Pink Alphas.....
for more deets CLICK HERE!

OH!  ALMOST FORGOT.....If you missed the last post, you MUST check it out cuz it's PACKED with much EYE CANDY!  I have the Yummi-nees picked out for next week's Man of the Week!  The category is BLOCKBUSTER BABES!  THEN VOTE FOR YOUR FAVE IN THE SIDEBAR!  You have till Saturday 1/23/10 to cast your vote!

THANK YOU ALL for taking the time to visit today!
I love you girls...each and every one!