Friday, January 22, 2010

Playing with the Scrapmaster!

Hey Sam (aka the Scrapmaster)!  I finally got some inspo to do a color combo!  When I do participate...I'm so happy.

Every so often I'll peek at the color combo...but I think I feel
stressed out when trying to put together specific color combos....I dunno, I'm a geek!

At first I was thinking...huh?  Really?  Then as I blogged hopped at some of my blog buddy sites, I saw what they did with the combo and I was quite impressed!

I really ended up loving the combo!

Here's my take.  I wanted to make a Valentine's Day Card.

I also had this urge to put together weird patterns...he he!

I'm so glad I got to stamp!

Yup, I was a STAMPIN' FIEND today!  You'll see the other creations.....

Thanks for the inspiration!  There's still time to play along!  Make your scrappity creation and link up to
SP Color Combos!

Well, that's a quick one!  I'm working on my JSYS Scrap Freak Challenges so I've got TONS to share!  I'm working on doing ALL 40...I think that's how many there are!  AND the Freaky Friday Challenges!
Wish me luck and PLAY ALONG!