Saturday, January 23, 2010

Home is Where the FART is!

Okay, so the pic of this layout is REALLY BAD!  There's just not much light here in Washington and its cold and my glass door needs SOME MAJOR CLEANING (see the reflections of the line smudges....courtesy of Gabe's grimy hands)!  Ugh...I've got a Gabe story to tell.....

But first I'll tell you bout this layout.  Once again I played with the Sketchy Thursday sketch (1-21) and really stuck to it!  I loved the sketch and really didn't want to change a thing.  I loved what I came up with!

Basically this layout is about wherever my family is...that's where home is.....sniff sniff.
Can you see Gabe?  He's hiding....tee hee!  I love this photo, but all that's missing is Luke...he's the one who took the pic....poor guy, always the one left out!  Oh well, I know that he's there behind the camera and of course, if he's not home isn't complete...cuz Home Is Where the Fart Is....oops....I mean HEART!

And I snapped this picture yesterday...he he.  Luke and I stared at him all sweet looking...but he's such a TROUBLEMAKER!!!!!  We giggle all the time and I always have to yell at Hubbs for giggling when Gabe's getting a scolding....and next thing you know WE BOTH end up giggling....ugh!

I love the Kool Aid mustache!  He doesn't have a shirt because he started screaming because he had water all over his shirt....because he got wet while playing in the bathroom which he isn't SUPPOSED TO BE DOING!  So I ask him why he's wet and he says "because I'm putting water on my TRAIN TRACKS!"......silly Mommy...don't you know train tracks need some water on them or they're NO GOOD! He he....and HE HATES the feeling of wet clothing against his body...he I stretch out the suffering more by lecturing him on not playing with water and what happens to your clothes...and how awful that feeling "you shouldn't do it again!"....and not too long into my lecture he starts to LOSE IT because he's SOOOO in need of  a nap!

I whip off his shirt and tuck him under the blanket and POOF....a couple minutes later he's OUT!

Siiiiggggghhhhhh.....I love this kid LOVE HIM WITH ALL MY HEART......but I get WEARY!
So....he's spending a few hours at my Aunt's tomorrow so I can find my sanity...I dunno what I'll do...maybe sit at home with my feet up and a DVD in and basking in the beauty of a silent house!  Isabel will probably wanna go there I'm pretty sure I'll be alone!  Wooohooo!

Sketchy Thursdays has also got a SECOND CHANCE challenge (till 1/31) and you can win some OH SO COOL Ippity Stamps!  Yeah!  And you've got till next Wednesday for the current sketch!

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!  Get to scrappin' if you can!

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