Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hello.......are you there? I'm back!

Oh my friends! So sorry I've been MIA! But we've been having lots of family fun and taking LOTS of photos! So...I've got a bunch to share! I was working on the MOTW post...but decided to save it....I've got a special feature next Monday that will MAKE YOU DROOL! Ha ha! So, I'd like to put off the current MOTW post I'm working on and will start the one for Monday NOW so I can come up with some fantastic clips and photos for your veiwing pleasure...AND MINE! Have I teased you enough? I'm not going to give anymore hints...but will say that I DON'T THINK YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED!

So, with the Fall...comes lots of busy things for our family. I've got two RugRat birthdays to plan and Fall activities to do and enjoy and so that's taken away from my blogging! I've missed your blogs...but will visit in bits and pieces as I have a chance! So a big sorry to all my friends for neglecting you!!!! But Mo is VERY GOOD at comebacks!

I've been editing TONS of Halloween photos and have a few to share! The kids had lots of fun. Isabel wished she got a few more houses in...but poor girl got stuck with trick-or-treating with the babies/toddlers this year. My cousins ended up somewhere else and we chose to go to a party at my BIL's house.

Gabe trudged around in his FIDO-FIDO boots (firefighter). Oh my! My son is a Diva just like my Dad (Yes, really!). He's so high-maintenance! Let me give you some background info first. We started out about a month and a half ago with an awesome costume from The Disney Store...a racecar driver suit with matching sneakers in the theme of Cars. Cool huh? Great quality costume. Anyway...brought that home all excited to see Gabe's face light up...and all I got was a frown! "Hmph....I dohlike Cows (Cars)...I like Pidohmeeahn (Spiderman)." So, after some begging from my Mom, I said okay, we'll take back the Cars and get Spiderman. So I did! He gets excited until we put it on...and he decides he doesn't like the mask! Ugh! And in the meantime, he watched a Caillou (cartoon) episode where a firefighter saves a cat from a tree...so NOW he want's to be a FIDO-FIDO. Ssssssiiiiiigh..... Again, my Mom begs me if she can buy him the costume he wants...after much thinking, I agree and Mom finds a costume after looking at a couple stores (since costumes are scarce 2 days before Halloween). She pays $40 for a costume. She shows it to him and puts it on him and he FROWNS again! "I no like brown, I like PINK FIDO-FIDO!" Which we realize...is really red. Anyway, in the end he reluctantly wore the costume...and so had a grumpy face the whole night long! WELCOME TERRIBLE THREES! Yikes! He's a handful!

I'm always worried he's gonna run into the street...so I remembered to bring along my baby leash!  Luckily, he didn't fight it!  But by the 3rd house he was dragging and asking that I carry him.  My mistake...I forgot to put him down for a nap earlier in the day!  Soooooo......I tell one of our family friends to please watch over my Kitty Kat and the Vampire and the Fido-Fido head back.

And my sweet girl chose this cute Black Cat costume...she LOVED it!  She wanted a mask (um...it was a $5 hunk of plastic) so I told her I would paint some whiskers on her and put some eyeshadow and lipgloss too...SOLD!  She chose purple eyeshadow and I also sprayed some purple hair coloring on her (leftover from last year).  She looked awesome!

Yes...THATS THE ROBOT...he he!  I love watching her dance!  We all do!

And here's cutey Diva P!  I love those cheeks!

Soooooo cute!

Big D, my SIL, was a housewife...with rollers in her hair, funny makeup and a bathrobe...ha ha!

Even Diego looked too cute!  He was FREAKED OUT by this costume and wouldn't walk around on his own.  We had to tote him around!

My sis Emmy flew in from Cali...she was some dead bride or something....creepy!

Krystal was smart enough not to have a costume on so I couldn't embarrass her with photos on the blog!

I played arond with some old clip-on hair extensions I had.  I love this picture of Bel and I!

Here she is posing on the stairs.

And here's another photo I love!

Bel took some pics with the camera so that Mommy had some of herself!

This one's kind cool!  He he!

Here's my little Kitty Kat!

She's so cute!

Hope you are all doing well!  I've got more pictures from other things going on in the last couple weeks!  Are you ready for Thanksgiving?  What are you planning to do that day?