Sunday, November 1, 2009

What NOT to wear at a Pumpkin Patch!

Okay, I KNOW this is not the post you were expecting.  But, wouldn't you know it, I was working on this post late Sunday and Blogger as well as You Tube was being WEIRD.  Either that, or my computer is what's WEIRD!  I soooooo can't wait for a new laptop!  Sorry for the delay!  I'll post it on Tuesday or Wednesday!'s another treat!  The Pumpkin Patch photos!
Finally!  Here are the Pumpkin Patch Day pictures!  It was a tremendous amount of fun for the seems the adults had fun as well!  The sky was kind of overcast, but amazingly the Washingtonian weather was pretty warm!  It was a beaautiful day!

(photo by C. Kao)

(photo by C. Kao)

(photo by C. Kao)

(photo by C. Kao)

Here's Isabel and her cousin Prissy P....I'll be using nicknames for the family today!

Diva P and Gabe looking at the fun stuff going on all around them.

(photo by C. Kao)

Some tiny pumpkins!

I think this is the only shot of Gabe somewhat smiling...BOY was he in a grumptiy grump mood!

And my BIL C.K. and his wife Big D.....look at his FLIP FLOPS!  We were cracking up when this guy walked out of the car!  OBVIOUSLY this man has never gone to a pumpkin patch before!  Such a typical C.K. think to do!  So, our photographer got a limited amount of shots...because he was slipping and sliding all over the place!!!!  Big D thought she looked nasty but she looks fine to me.  What a pair!

(photo by C. Kao)

Samual and his Mommy Big D!

Grouch Gabe!  This is what he looked like most of the time!

Diva P couldn't keep her hands off the Pumpkins!  She's so stinkin' cute!

Diva P and her Mommy Sweet P!

I LOVED Diva P's outfit! C.K and I couldn't stop taking pictures of her the whole time! It was a Diva P photoshoot!

(photo by C. Kao)

Here are the cute cousins, Isabel and Prissy P.

I loved looking at all the pumpkins in the boxes! Soooooo Autumn-ey!

Finally! A smile!

A wagon-full of baby Kao's!

We got them to cheer. It was so adorable. Look at Grumpy Gabe in the end. Diva P and Samual were probably thinking "What's the big deal?"

(photo by C. Kao)

(photo by C. Kao)

Diva P playing with the pumpkins again!

And on the way home in the car, Samual (without being asked) immediately took a Dorito and gave it to his cousin Gabe. What a SWEETY PATOOTIE!

Here's another fun thing.  I got an award from the fabulous and beautiful Tonia!  Thank you My Sweet!

The rules are this: Pass this on to five people. Post it on their blog that you gave them this award, and then answer a list of questions in one word. 

Passing it on to:

Note: No pressure ladies.  Participate if you like...or not!

Where is your cell phone? dunno
Your hair? uncombed
Your mother? selfless
Your father? Diva
Your favorite food? Korean
Your dream last night? none
Your favorite drink? Sangria
Your dream/goal? organization
What room are you in? Family Room
Your hobby? scrapbooking
Your fear? heights
Where do you want to be in 6 years? happy
Where were you last night? bar
Something that you aren't? tall
Muffins? cran-lemon
Wish list item? Kindle
Where did you grow up? Waipahu, Hawaii
Last thing you did? organized
What are you wearing? pj's
Your tv? Monster's vs. Aliens
Your pets? my kids
Friends? sweet
Your life? beautiful
Your mood? lounging
Missing someone? grandma
Vehicle? rx300
Something you are not wearing? socks
Your favorite store? LSS Lasting Memories
Your favorite color? turquoise
When was the last time you laughed? today
Last time you cried? couple days
Your best friend? Isabel
One place that I go to over and over? scraproom
Facebook? once a day
Favorite place to eat? Mom's

So sorry I haven't been doing a good job making my blog visits!  My oh my am I getting BUSY BUSY BUSY!  I've got some stuff at home to organize, gifts to make for the Holidays and 2 Birthday parties to plan!  Plus...we're down to ONE computer and Hubby takes over the laptop during Football Season....two words....FANTASY FOOTBALL!  Ugh!

Thanks soooo much for stopping by to visit!  I hope you all have a wonderful week!