Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Scary but True....I'm BATTY for you!!!

This weekend was BUSY!  And it was a GOOD kind of busy filled with family get-togethers, cupcakes, baby-fixes, pumpkins, and of course SCRAPPING!

I hopped over to Memories Always Forever for the crop that was going on this weekend.  I got about 3 projects done before I headed out on Saturday to my nephew Samual's birthday party.  Remember...the one with the great head of beautiful hair?

He grabbed the Karaoke mic and started singing...he he!

I got a little off track there.  I created this layout with the Halloween Challenge proposed by Heidi who is on the DT.  This was a fun one girl!  While I was at it...I remembered an Ad Challenge over at Scrap the Boys and went with it!!!  It's the challenge for October...so see if the ad inspires you and submit your creation! 

I used my Stampin' Up! punches to make this bat!

I used the following punches:  3/4" circle punch and a 1/2" circle punch as well as an oval punch.
1) You will punch out one 1/2" circle, two ovals and one 3/4" circle.
2) Take the 1/2" circle and cut it in half.  These pieces become the bat ears!
3) Take an oval and use the 1/2" circle punch to punch 3 half circles into the bottom of the oval (to make the wings).  Start from the end, positioning the punch in the middle of the outer edge of the oval (one of the skinny ends).  Punch the second hole in the middle, right next to the end of the first hole so that it creates a point.  Punch the third hole to create another point.  (You might need to practice to get this just right.)
4) I drew in the wings, eyes, and mouth with gel pens.
5) Glue on the bat ears.
6) Mount the circle/head onto foam adhesive and place on your project.
7) Take your wings and bend them to create dimension.
8) Place adhesive on one end and secure right under the bat's head.  Do the same for the second wing.

It may not be too EASY PEASY....but really FUNNY BUNNY!
I originally wanted to add wiggly eyes...but I ran out :( so that would be another idea for you instead of drawing in the eyes which can take a little while!

For a supply list, CLICK HERE.

Here's another creation from the MAF crop!  I made a card for Samual's birthday!  I used lots of old cardstock, printed paper and embellies!  It was for a sketch card challenge.

I used a mini tag from TheSchoolLocker.com.  I love those mini tags!  They've got some cool things over there like library cards and cute tickets...check em out!

Okay, here's some photos from the birthday party.  We had these wonderful cupcakes!  Yummmmm! Some of them were chocolate with a banna frosting and the other one.......wow....had some lime in both the cupcake and the icing!!!!  Oh yummmmm!  I wish I could have one NOW!  Luke's cousin made all the wonderful cupcakes...she's VERY Martha Stewart!

Gabe loved the chocolate cupcakes...I found him licking off the icing and throwing away the rest!!!!  Then, he picked up another one and started eating JUST the icing again!  I let him know that was NOT okay!

Here's the ONLY photo of me!  I remembered to ask someone to take a picture of me.  Next to me is my sister-in-law Cheata...which we jokingly call "Sandy" since that's the name she usually uses at work.   No one can pronounce her name correctly otherwise.  She's such a goofball and I LOVE her!

And he's our bully of a brother-in-law getting in the picture...just when I had a great shot!  BIG BULLY TROUBLEMAKER!
For a supply list for the card, CLICK HERE!
And here's the photo I was TRYING to take before we were interrupted!

Well, that's it for the sharing today!  I got tons more pics from the visit to the Pumpkin Patch on Sunday...but don't worry, I'll share!!!!  I hope you all had a great weekend as well!  I've got to get my butt in gear with Holiday shopping and present making!  I've been soooooo busy!!!!  Have YOU started your Christmas shopping?  How bout fall decorations, have you done any of that yet? I haven't even decorated for Halloween!!!  Shame on me!

Thanks for visiting today!