Thursday, October 22, 2009

I am Wonder Woman

Here's another SUPER COMBO layout!  It's soooo cool when you realize you can combine challenges!  I did FOUR with this one!
1)  Sketchy Thursdays Sketch 
2)  Point Blank Period  (Get Over It.)
3)  Pink Ninjas (Which cartoon character would you be?)
4) Scrap that Poetry (inspo was Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou)

Here's the sketch:

BooHoo...this is the second to the last sketch I get to play with!  I haven't done the last layout...cuz I think I'm too sad...he he!  But I got some new scrappy stuff in the mail yesterday and so I may just muster up the MoJo I need to GO OUT WITH A BANG!

The inspirational poem over at Scrap That Poetry was "Phenomenal Woman" by Maya Angelou.  What a perfect choice!  I've always loved this poem!  I chose to journal the section above because I felt it sounded the most like me.

This layout is more of a way to be my own cheerleader.  I've said it before, I have challenges with feeling like a good Mother and person.  Maybe it's because there's so many things I want to do but I end up cutting some things out of my "to do" list.  And maybe it's because I really idolize my mother and see her as a strong woman...a selfless woman.  And I see myself very different from her and I'm realizing as I type this....that I believe she's the best mother anyone could ever have and I'm very that must mean, I'm the opposite.  That's it!  Do you know how long I've been thinking about this?

So, I did created this page to remind me that I do have some great qualities, and although I feel like I could be a better person, that doesn't mean I suck as a Mom.

I know my job is difficult on my body as well as my mind (emotionally).  I've seen life coming into the world and life leaving it. I've seen young people who's lives have been cut short because of poor choices (drug addicts) and people who have dedicted their lives to saving people who contract cancer and die because of their jobs (a Firefighter).   As a Nurse, I've taken care of people I admire....honest to good people...and evil people (murderers and child molesters).  But you have to treat them equally and care for them all.  And I've done that.  I've been praised and I've been insulted, I've been hugged and slapped and punched.  Yet MOST days I still love my job.  And the bad DOES outweigh the good, even though sometimes there are more bad things happening, the good counts more in your mind.

I also love that I'm not afraid to tell my kids a thousand times a day that I love them and I hug them and tell them how special they are.  I try to encourage them to think and learn and also play and create.  I teach them responsibility yet try to remind them not to take things too seriously.  I'm lucky I have the time to spend with them and I'm glad I made the decision to enter a career in Nursing so I could work part-time and stay home with the kids and live a content life.  I'm proud I choose to skimp on the fancy and splurge on necessity.  And I sure picked a good man to marry.

So, I guess I do classify myself as a Phenomenal Woman
just like Wonder Woman!

I'm sooooooo over feeling like I come up short.
I'm awesome just the way I am!

I'm strong, I'm beautiful, and I'm THE BOSS!

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