Saturday, October 24, 2009

I'm NO pushover!

Here's another ME page!  Boy, this is pretty good therapy!
This challenge is from All About Me called Pigeon-holed

Here's details on the prompt:
Do you ever feel as though you've been pigeon-holed? Categorised? Labelled? Misunderstood? As though you've changed, but no-one else sees it? Who does everyone think you are? Who do you really think you are? Are they the same?

There's also a sketch to help you along!
This layout is just about me griping about how I'm labeled as a pushover...and I HATE THAT! I may be nice...but I'm NOT someone ANYONE should take lightly nor think would do anything for anyone just to please them....SOOO NOT ME!

I operate on the idea that you should treat people the way you wish to be treated. I had alot to say, so I had to write it on a journaling/library card and tucked it behind my photo where I created a pocket...see the blue flower? Tug on that, and you'll find my hidden journaling...much the same way I hide my true feelings

Not to say I'm a deceptive person...but I react instantly and emotionally and I can jump to I sit back, bite my tongue and watch...and a lot of times I change my initial opinion! I balance my quick temper, impatience and emotional nature with respect (which is due to everyone except those who are disrespectful), quiet contemplation and giving someone the benefit of the doubt....and I'll turn a negative opinion about a person or situation around...and sometimes even start to REALLY like someone who initially TURNED ME OFF...and in turn...can also...NOT LIKE someone who I initially THOUGHT was fun or interesting.  I'm APPROACHABLE not a pushover and I do things for people out of kindness.  No one takes advantage of me.

Here's the journaling:

Just because I smile and keep quiet doesn't mean I don't bite my tongue, form opinions, and file away important observations. I'm the one who sits quietly and learns from what I see and hear....and when I finally have something to say, people listen. I'M the one you DON'T EVER want to piss off.

I did some stamping on this layout!  Wahooooo!  I also busted out my alcohol inks.  I wanted to use some type of pp with newspaper print, but the one I had had this design of a scuba helmet (can you see it above?)..the old looking kind made of metal.  So I took about 3 brownish colors and dabbed and dabbed.  But that didn't seem like enough, so I took my cool stamp and stamped it repeatedly using embossing ink (VersaMark).  I then heat embossed with white.  Way too fun!!!

So the next prompt is ALREADY UP...A turning point in your life!  If you haven't checked out AAM yet, head on over! 

I used a lot of items from my Studio Calico Kit: Soday Fountain (thanks Dani)!
If you'd like a supply list, CLICK HERE.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to stop by today!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Are you ready for Halloween?????

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I'm hoping to convince my brother-in-law to come by next Wednesday to shoot some pics of me and the kids in Halloween that we don't have to worry about it on Halloween night!  Plus, we'll have some daylight (I hope) for good photos!  We'll see!