Friday, June 19, 2009

I got some GIRLY LOVIN'.........Dream Girl lovin' that is!

What a surpise to pop over to the Dream Girls Challenge Blog to find out that........


Remember that card up there?????? She won!

Wooohoooo! On my quest to find more challenges, I found the Dream Girls. Sure, I've stumbled over the site before.....but now i've been reeled into the challenges!

All the entries were gorgeous! I can't believe it! And this was a scrap card!......see the olive paper? That was the leftover piece from some flower making!
CLICK HERE if you want to see a list of materials on the last blog post I did about this card.
Yay! Wanna see what I won?
Papers from Collage Press!

Thanks Dream Girls! And thanks for everyone's sweet comments!

Okay, I still feel like I owe you guys some new eye candy! So here's an OLD card I made.....he he! Remember that weaving card????? Well, here's the prototype. This was my first draft.

It's got a really different look from the one I made the video tutorial on! It's distressed, grungy, and masculine!

Instead of embroidery floss (as in the video), I used twine. It wasy a bit harder to work into knots, but it's a whole different look! Another option would be to use ribbon instead of twine or embroidery thread.....lots of different options here!
You could even crochet that net using a huge crochet hook! That actually might be easier than making all those knots!
Here's the video if ya wanna take a peek!

Thanks for visiting me today! Got any ideas on a new video tutorial? Any techniques you wanna see? I'm stumped...I missed a video for May!!!!! I will need to make it up somehow but I don't know if I have the energy for two June tutorials! Maybe two in July?