Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hot Mama Apron and a GIVEAWAY!

I have been LOOKING and LOOKING for a super cute apron! Funny thing is I HATE COOKING......but I figure, if I can make it more fun and fashionable...I might like it better??????? I ALMOST got this apron at Pier 1 Imports just the other day...but then I thought.....ya know, you could totally get one on Etsy and help support an Etsy owner! So I put the apron back. Yay me!

Then, I went blog hopping today and found this awesome Etsy store called Boojiboo! It is toooooo toooooo super dee duper cute! This is the apron I soooooo want! I also am trying to decide between the one above and this one:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE black and white and LOVE LOVE LOVE turquoise! Sooooooo perfect! But I'm worried about the white :( Hmmmmmmm.
Anyway! You can ALSO enter a giveaway for one of these babies! HERE you can read a review and enter the giveaway at The Giveaway Diva Blog! You can also enter lots of other giveaways there! This giveaway ends on the 21st so HURRY! There are soooo many ways to enter! Check it out!
Which one do you think I should choose????????