Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Deep Down Inside I Know They are BFF's...DEEP DOWN!

Best Friends

One of the most frustrating things for me as a mother is listening to the constant fighting between these two pesky monsters!  Ugh!  I could pull my hair out!  Needless to say, time outs are a very popular item on the daily agenda for these two.  Aaaaahhhh...and also a period of quite time for me!  I love time outs!

Which brings me to my topic at hand....December Daily.  I finally tackled Day 1.  Nope, I do not create them in order...and nope...I don't know why not.  I just go with the flow, I guess!

For this one, I used a digital kit called Project February by Isabel Mendez aka Crisdam Designs.  I find that I gravitate towards her kits because she has alot of date and calendar elements that fit perfectly for doing December Daily pages or even Project 365 type scrapbooking.

I also grab templates when working with more than one photo!  It makes it so easy and quick!  I love Tiffany Tillman's templates!

Once I'm done with my DD, I'll probably order a book from someplace like Shutterfly.  I've tried the 12x12 sizes and decided, those are way to honkin!  I'll do an 8x8 instead and save myself some money and shipping!

And I am pretty much done with all the important Christmas Shopping!  I don't think I went to the store for ANY of it...exclusively online!  I'm so happy!  Now for the wrapping!  Sigh....

Happy Decembering my Sweets!  May you be able to sneak some time for yourself in all the crazy ruckus!

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  1. I feel your pain!!! I have the same issues with Brookie and Adam -- sometimes their 10 year age difference even makes it harder cause Adam acts like the 6 year old! LOL!! LOVING your page! LOVEEEEEEEEE the colors and the photos!!!!


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