Friday, May 18, 2012

Hello Love Bugs!

Okay, I have somewhat of a breather.  But still crazy busy...April was a tough one!  But then again, it's just about June so I think I've recovered enough to just realize this!  Where did May go????

The next issue of Scrapbook News and Review Magazine will be publishing any day.  Due to the tornadoes in MI which delayed some things, we've got a double issue publishing and that is April/May 2012 issue.  It's full of tons of fun!

The projects I'm sharing below were featured in the January 2012 issue of Scrapbook News and Review Magazine

All projects are tied to my Flickr account so if you'd like to peek at any supply lists, they are there for your viewing pleasure!  Just click on the actual photo you want to look closely at!

Mommy's Love Bug
Here's some fun with burlap and felt!

Little Did You Know
I'm delving more into Hybrid creations.  It sure does come in handy and It really can save you a few bucks!  I'm serious!

I used Photoshop Elements to design the large photo inside with the look of paint splatter, stamping, and washi tape!  I just added some fun embellishments on top of that for some texture!

Family Likeness
This was a fun Hybrid creation as well!  The call was for Funny Faces and BOY does the Kao family make em!  If you peek into pretty much any family member's Facebook page, you'll see SOMEONE making a face like this!

I love my cooky family!


And, of course, I can't forget a card creation!  This one was easy.  I just stamped onto some patterned paper and called it good!  No coloring necessary because the pattern and color provided enough visual interest!

I hope you all had a wonderful week and a BELATED Happy Mother's Day to you!  I hope that was a fun day!  I spent the morning with my DD at the Seattle Color Run 2012 and it was AMAZING!  Hopefully we'll get there next year as well!  I'll be sure to share the photos REAL soon!