Thursday, March 1, 2012

Here we go now!

Okay, I SERIOUSLY need to do more posts...I KNOW!
But spring is right around the corner and that means more sunshine and softball for my girl!

My little boy rascal is also asking to take some sort of "HI-ya" class AKA Martial Arts.  LOL!  Lord knows, that kid could use some serenity and focus!  I HAVE NO IDEA who he get's his personality from!  He he....

Well, I've got some long overdue shares!  Ready for some eye candy?
I've been dabbling in different things ever since I've become a part of Scrapbook News and Review.  One thing I see myself doing more of are ATCs.  They're small, quick, and can pack a punch when you do it right!  I like practicing my techniques and use leftover embellishments when I make a hoard of fun stuff.  Last year I made a bunch of buttons and butterflies, painted them with acryclic paint and decorated them.  I added a layer of clear lacquer for that shiny epoxy look.

You could also use UTEE but I find that it tends to crack, so if that's not a look that you want, then I'd stick with clear lacquer.

The next few projects below have been featured in Scrapbook News and Review's September 2011 Issue.

This ATC is actually more of a hybrid project.  I used some digital vintage prints, cut them out and pasted them to my ATC.  For some fun and softness, I wrapped some yarn around it.  I love the splash of color.  I love this butterfly!

I was feeling a bit clean and simple, and so out came this creation from my brain.  I wanted to use up some numbers...extra ones from my sticker stash.  To complete the card, I wrapped around some baker's twine.  So super dee dooper easy, right?

I may have shared this layout previously because I created it for a prompt over at Candy Shoppe Designs a few months ago.  Boy do I love these ladies.  We've seen each other live and grow since teenagers.  Now we've got kiddos of our own and I'm sure we will be comforting each other through some crazy times in the future!

And this week I'm featured as the Staffer of the Week at Scrapbook News and Review.  I get to share 6 of my favorite projects and a fun tutorial!

Some of those projects I'm not allowed to share on my blog just yet, but if you hop on over, you'll get to see them now!
I'm currently dabbling in sketch creating and used one of my sketches to create this layout.  If you go to SNR, you can save it to your sketch files for use in the future! (Click on Staffer of the Week above.)

And last but not least, SNR currently has a few calls out looking for:

1) Instructor Call
2) Writer Call
3) Staffer Call
4) Educator Call

For more info on these calls, go HERE.
It's truly an honor to be a part of this family and an amazing journey of spiritual, personal, and creative growth.  I really do love my SNR family!

AND...APRIL Artwork Calls are up as well!