Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Enjoy Life's Pleasures

Hello all!  We've got some exciting news and awesomeness on the horizon over at Scrapbook News and Review!  They are doing a MAJOR redesign of the magazine and website!  I've seen peeks and I'm so very excited to see it up!  Any day now, it will be finalized!  And there are going to be so many new things going REALLY won't want to miss it!

In the meantime, here's the January issue cover.  There are amazing projects in this issue! 

I've got a couple layouts to share that were published in the August 2011 issue of Scrapbook News and Review.  This first one is a fun digi layout using circles.

Enjoy Life's Pleasures

I love that mug in the photo.  I have a fun mug collection at home.  Every morning I'll have some tea usually...sometimes coffee.  I love picking out my mug each day.  They really do make my mornings!  I will have to share a photo of my mug collection one of these days.  I know you'll get a laugh at it!

my friend

This layout was a fun one.  We had to use metal rimmed tags in our creations.  I can't remember how this idea came about, but it turned out awesome!

I'm still making progress on my Project Life.  Today I'm hoping to steal some time today to work on weeks 2 and 3!  As soon as I can, I'll share them with you!

Here in lovely Washington State, it is snowing...and we Washingtonian's...well...we're not used to driving in it!  Alot of people stayed home and that meant when I drove to work, I didn't have to deal with a whole lot of people on the roads.  I do NOT have the luxury of staying home when it snows since my workplace will ALWAYS be open!  Ugh.  Oh well, SOMEONE's got to take care of all the injured people who venture out into the snow!  Thankfully it was NOT ME!   LOL!

Here's some fun snow pictures:

Hope you are having a wonderful week!


  1. I love your layouts..i am trying to do one today after a YEAR! I almost forgot how to. So i came by to see some inspiration:) Be careful in the snow...i wish we would see some.

  2. Those are the cutest snow pics ever!

  3. Those photos are soooooooooooo fun!!! I love love love your lo's too!!! GORGEOUS as always! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. Awesome layouts! And I love those pics.


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