Wednesday, January 11, 2012

That's Life!

This year I finally decided to take on Project Life.  I think my motivating factor was to be able to track the progress of my goals this year, particularly with organizing the home.  I've already started tackling my closet which is still a work-in-progress!  You'll see...

Here is Week One

I started with New Year's Eve at midnight.  It was a fun evening spent with those I love most dearly.  We napped, ate, played games, danced, cheered, and drank sparkling cider!

As you can imagine, it is difficult right now to get my hands on some Project Life supplies...particularly the option A photo inserts. I made do with what I had.  The challenge is that the journaling cards run vertically (for the most part) and I had alot of horizontal slots to use up.  So, I ended up using my Photoshop Elements program to size down  my photos to wallets which fit nicely in the horizontal pockets (see 3rd page).  I then used two journaling cards, attached together by stickers and inserted into a horizonal pocket (pages 1 & 2).  I dare say that I like this option even better now!  Thank Heaven for a creative mind!

This last page shows the progress so far in my master bedroom closet which is full of boxes!  These photos are taken AFTER I got rid of some of them!  I'm still sorting and organizing but it's so rewarding at the end of the day!

And Scrapbook News and Review has had their February Calls up!  If you've been contemplating it, you really MUST submit!  It's easier than you think!  I know I WISH I submitted sooner!  The February calls are super fun!  Check them out!  Contact them for questions...or me too!  I'd be happy to answer any!  Email or comment on my bloggy!  Febrary calls are HERE!  Deadline is January 24, so start creating!  We've got a few new Staffers on board to provide you with an even wider range of scrappy styles to be inspired by!  I've probably submitted about 15 projects to the February issue so far because I've been so inspired by the prompts!

Hope to see you at SNR!
Happy scrapping!