Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Good Book!

 I've been so busy with my DD that I haven't had a chance to post!
So, I'll just share some of the edited photos!
I'm getting lots of practice with working with my PSE!
I've been bitten by the "Digi" bug!

I used Picnik to create added effects to both photos.

I found this one on my iPhone.  I think Gabe took it while we were curled up in bed reading!
I love it!  It was pretty blurred but I was able to fancy it up a bit....
looks kinda cool now!

Just a quick share!  If you're working on a DD, how is coming along?
If not, what have you been up to friends?



  1. That book sounds good...and loving the pic of you holding the book! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Be careful with the digi bug! It's pretty addictive! Have a great weekend, sweets!

  3. Is the book good? It looks good!

    I've been busy with my DD too!!! It's been fun to document the daily stuff in our lives and counting down to Christmas too!!!

    Way to go on playing with PSE! I was supposed to make that a goal this year, and I just keep editing and not really playing! I might just do it though soon!!! It sounds and looks fun!

  4. Oh, if only I knew how to use PS! Your photos look cool! Now lets seem them scrapped! :-)

  5. After being down with the flu for almost 5 days I am way behind in my DD, I couldn't even move the other day. Ugh!
    Love the pics!


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