Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cushion-Washing and Magic Eraser Madness

Just a funny video.  Some of you may already have seen it on FB!  He he heees!

Just taking a break from housework!  Ick!  Magic Eraser has helped me out tremendously.  Crayon and pen? worries, I've got Mr. Clean on my side.  But my arm hurts from scrubbing.  Mr. Clean, where are you muscles when I need them?

I'm also washing the cushion covers...that's the easy part...the hard part...jamming those suckers back on the pillows....ugh!  Help!  If Hubbs didn't work late, I'd totally leave the rest to him...but it needs to be done by Saturday...and he won't have time till Sunday!  I shoulda planned this out better.