Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Mug and a Fairy...A Fairy and a Mug!

I finally got these things photographed to share!
A couple of weeks ago, my Isabel and I had a "girls day" and spent some time at this ceramics studio!
We chose a couple of pieces to paint.
I chose a mug...since I love...and NEED my coffee in the mornings!

I've never done this before...but had soooo much fun!
You really should try it if you haven't already!
I didn't intend to, but this mug ended up looking like a watermelon!

Isabel pointed it out to me.....
see...the inside looks like watermelon seeds!  LOL!

You can't really see it, but my mug says "Miss Mo's Joe"....

The diameter of the mug is about 6 inches I think! Yeah, it's HUGE!

Isabel decided to create something for her Aunt who has a birthday coming up.
She thought this fairy looked like my sister....

...and she even personalized it by painting "Anty" on her dress....ha ha....I didn't have the heart to tell her it's misspelled!

I can't wait to scrap these photos!

Has the Fall season been keeping you busy?
What have you been up to?