Wednesday, October 13, 2010

home sweet home

Good Wednesday morning to you!!!!  Well, here is my share for my layout for the newest Pink Ninja's prompt...HERITAGE! (Callista...can you see the goodies from the goodie box you gave me?????)

I also used the Kismet/September 2010 kit from Simply Obsessed.

This is a good one!  This is a photo of my family when we lived in Hawaii.  I'll always consider it our home.  We were immigrants from the Philippines, lucky enough to make our way here because dad was in the Navy...and would be for at least 25 years.

I remember the day I became an American Citizen at the young age of 8.  I didn't quite understand what it meant, but I knew it was very that must have been why I recall all the waiting....during the interviewing process....all that time spent kicking stones and dust while outside, standing in lines, baking in the hot sun.....ha ha.

I really wished I could scrap some old photos of my family in the Philippines, but both families had devastating fires which burned up all the old sad.  I will never see what my great grandmother looked like...the one my mother loved so dearly....makes me sad sometimes.  I won't be able to see a photo of my great grandfather with is "high Spanish nose" as my grandmother used to say.  Apparently he was a handsome man....sigh...would have loved to see pictures....

So, hopefully my grandchildren, great grandchildren and other generations to come will see this layout and know where they came from.

Remember this project?   Well, it's featured at the All About Me Challenge blog today on my class/idea post to help with some inspiration!  Hop on over and give me some love!!!!

While your there, check out the last challenge "The Artist in Me" and think about playing along!  Scrap Freak is this month's sponsor!!!

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Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a'll have to wait and see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!